Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Media Need David Duke

Many readers here will by now know something of the controversy about an interview on CNN with David Duke that was conducted by Jewish TV anchor Wolf Blitzer. Some people say that Duke should not have been interviewed.

To me, putting a Holocaust denier up against a pro-Israel Jewish interviewer was simply theater. CNN wanted ratings and it got them. It certainly had nothing to do with CNN defending free speech.

What several people have pointed out, however, is that it is the Left-leaning media who keep David Duke in front of people. Without the media he would be nothing. So why do they do it? It is not only because angry clashes are good TV. If that were so, why not continuously put Leftist Noam Chomsky's support for holocaust deniers and antisemites in front of audiences -- with Jewish advocates attacking him? It just doesn't happen.

Both on this blog and on Political Correctness Watch I have drawn attention to several incidents of Leftists "making up" hate-crimes in order to give themselves an orgy of self-righteousness. David Duke serves the same purpose. He is not made up but he is very rare so he has to be trotted out time and time again. The fact that practically all conservatives despise him is glided over.

And when the media trot Duke out they always somehow manage to associate him with the GOP and with conservatives generally. It's part of their propaganda campaign saying that it is conservatives who are are racist -- despite the fact that most antisemitism these days comes from the Left, despite the fact that the Ku Klux Klan were Democrats, despite the fact that more Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and despite the fact that Hitler was a socialist. Even in the generally racist 19th century, Britain had a flamboyantly Jewish Prime Minister (Disraeli). And who put him there? The Conservative Party! And in Australia blacks were first given the vote by the very conservative Menzies government in 1962.

If David Duke did not exist, the media would have had to invent him.

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