Saturday, December 09, 2006

Duty Finally Trumps Beauty

I have posted a couple of times previously (e.g. August 11) about the corrupted version of the West Point motto "Duty, Honor, Country" that was posted at the entrance to a California VA facility. The word "Duty" was replaced by "Beauty".

Vietnam veteran Robert Rosebrook was greatly offended by the California version of what the military are about and set out his objections at length here, among other places.

He has just advised me that the sign has now been taken down amid almost total media silence. The replacement sign will simply say: "Honoring our Veterans".

The backdown was reported in a local paper only, the "Brentwood News" (story not online so I have put it online here and here -- PDF).

The reasoning given in the paper in defence of the "Beauty" sign is truly pathetic.

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