Thursday, December 21, 2006

Methodist Madness

Methodists can hate Christmas too!

In Britain, the Methodists are the country's fastest shrinking denomination (Pentecostalists are the fastest growing). I would not be surprised if at least some American Methodist groups are in similar trouble.

The Southern Methodist University does at least seem to be in a pickle. It appears to have switched its loyalty to the Left rather than to Christ. And you can see a revealing symptom of that right in the middle of its current home page. On its home page it boasts that its library has acquired a rare copy (from the 1800s) of the first mass-produced Christmas card ever printed.

So it shows a picture of the card, right? Wrong! It shows only a tiny cut-out of the card -- a cut-out designed so that the the word "Merry" is shown but "Christmas" is deleted! Must not publicly mention the name of that dead white Jewish male who founded the faith 2,000 years ago in Palestine!

There was of course plenty of room on the front page for the full card had they wanted to show it. And for something over 100 years old, copyright was not an issue.

They're not even Christians, let alone Methodists! John Wesley would be amazed. No wonder real Christians are deserting "Methodists" like that.

Update: You can of course link through to see a full copy of the card but why were they afraid to put it on the front page directly? Because mention of Christmas might "offend" someone, no doubt.

Update 2: A reader writes:

Did you note on the SMU home page that the full name of the institution is only written in small print at the bottom of the page? That print is gray and is barely readable.

Going to the pages accessible from the "quick links" on the home page, the full name appears very rarely there too. They don't appear to want to use the name "Methodist" too much on their web site. I guess it would offend too many.

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