Tuesday, December 26, 2006

'Macaca' named most politically incorrect word of 2006

We read:

"The Global Language Monitor on Friday named "macaca" as the most politically incorrect word of the year. The non-profit group, which studies word usage, picked the word after it was used by outgoing United States Republican Senator George Allen of Virginia, in the run-up to last month's Congressional elections, to describe a Democrat activist of Indian descent.

According to Global Language Monitor chief, Paul JJ Payack: "The word might have changed the political balance of the US Senate, since Allen's utterance (an offensive slang term for Indians from the Subcontinent) surely impacted his election bid."

The second most politically incorrect term was "Global Warming Denier," used for someone who believes that climate change has moved from scientific theory to dogma. "There are now proposals that `global warming deniers' be treated the same as Holocaust deniers: professional ostracism, belittlement, ridicule and, even, jail," Payack said.


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