Friday, December 15, 2006

Must not be "Boisterous"

Some fool of a student editor failed to realize that you are not allowed to say ANYTHING about blacks unless it is sympathy for their "oppression". And satirizing affirmative action is WAY beyond the pale:

"An editor at a Tufts University conservative journal has apologized for publishing a satirical Christmas carol that ridiculed black students and campus affirmative action policies.

The controversial carol, entitled, "O Come All Ye Black Folk," was published in the most recent edition of the Primary Source, which bills itself as "the journal of conservative thought at Tufts University."

The parody of "O Come All Ye Faithful" calls black people "boisterous" and proclaims, "Born into the ghetto. O Jesus! We need you now to fill our racial quotas."

The lyrics also say, "No matter what your grades are, F's, D's or G's, give them all privileged status."


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