Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fat Racist Rosie O'Donnell

We read:

""The View" co-host is in hot water for using the expression "ching chong" to describe Chinese people talking about Danny DeVito's drunken appearance on her show. "The fact is that it's news all over the world. That you know, you can imagine in China it's like: 'Ching chong . ching chong. Danny DeVito, ching chong, chong, chong, chong. Drunk. 'The View.' Ching chong," O'Donnell said on a Dec. 5 episode of "The View."

The statement didn't sit well with John C. Liu, a New York City councilman, who fired off a letter to "View" co-host Barbara Walters. "The 'ching-chong' bit is not a trivial matter," Liu told "It really hits a raw nerve for many people in the community - many like myself, who grew up with these kinds of taunts. We all know that it never ends at the taunts."


But as a prominent Leftist, she gets a pass of course. Such language from her is just "humor". Had she been a prominent conservative (Such as a GOP Senator who used a word that can be insulting in French), it would have been splashed in the papers for months.


There is a video here of Michelle Malkin really taking O'Donnell apart.

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