Thursday, December 21, 2006

"Methodist" Bigotry

But it's Leftist bigotry, not Christian bigotry

Should all points of view on an issue be vigorously and openly presented on a university campus? Universities routinely claim that they are. And if not there, where? So surely a political philosophy espoused by around half of the American popoulation should be well represented on ANY American university campus?

At Southern Methodist University a lot of the teachers appear to think not. There is a proposal that the university host the Bush Library after GWB finishes his presidency. BAD MOVE! Such a library could be RIGHT WING! And we cannot have ideas like that represented on a university campus.

A theology professor (an expert in "liberation" theology, no doubt) is circulating a letter that seems to be getting a lot of support from other faculty. It says, in part:

"There are two different visions of the library. One is for the library as a place for academic inquiry ... but the other vision is a strictly partisan center to promote the president's platform," said Susanne Johnson, the Perkins School of Theology professor."

And it goes without saying that there is no room for promoting a conservative platform at a university! But even the craziest Leftist ideas have a "right" to be promoted there, of course.

So are universities Leftist institutions or impartial ones? What they claim and what they are is very different. They are just the usual Leftist hypocrites.

(Hat tip to Keith Burgess-Jackson. Keith has another copy of the newspaper article up in case it gets taken down.)

Update: Up until a couple of days ago, SMU had on its home page a boast that its experts got to the "core of an issue faster". The link led to their PR people. So on Wednesday I wrote to the PR director as follows:

Dear Mr Best

I am pleased to hear that you get to the core of an issue faster. As I see it the core of the Bush library furore is that anything right wing should not be allowed on campus.

Why not? Is yours a specifically Leftist institution? Surely a real university welcomes BOTH sides of any debate!

Please explain your apparent bigotry as I am sure the blogosphere would be interested to hear it

I have of course received no reply. But I have received a response: The link to their PR operation has been taken down!

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