Sunday, December 24, 2006

Little Birdie Incorrect?

I can't improve on Taranto's comments about this so I will reproduce them:

"Remember that Waco Tribune article from yesterday about the 4-year-old sex predator? A reader calls our attention to an anomaly in the reader comments on the Trib's Web site. On Tuesday "Ed" posted the following:

My son was expelled in the 5th grade for telling another fifth grader that he liked her. I guess saying that to someone who doesn't feel the same way now cons***utes sexual harrassment [sic]. So much for dating!

"Cons***utes"? The next day, "Aschersleben" commented:

Isn't it ironic in this very context that in Ed's comment (Dec 19, 2006 9:24 AM) the word CONS***UTE reads consute?

It looks as though the Trib has some sort of zero-tolerance filter of its own that tries to screen out "bad" words and sometimes ends up hitting good ones.


The bird above is called a Great Tit

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