Monday, September 24, 2012

The usual Democrat hypocrisy

Religious groups are blasting President Obama for not condemning am anti-Christian art display set to appear in New York City and one Republican lawmaker said he is “fed up with the administration’s double standard and religious hypocrisy.

 “Piss Christ,” once branded as a “deplorable, despicable display of vulgarity,” will be displayed at the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery in Manhattan on Thursday. The artwork features a “photograph of the crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine.”

The artwork debuted in 1989 and was funded through prize money provided by the National Endowment for the Arts. The art gallery hosting the retrospective salute to Andres Serrano is privately owned.

Religious groups and some lawmakers have already started sounding off – and making comparisons to the controversy over a recent anti-Muslim film. The low budget movie “Innocence of Muslims” sparked violent and deadly clashes across the globe.

It also brought strong rebukes, condemnations and apologies from President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a host of administration officials.

The administration tried to have the film removed from YouTube – but Google rebuffed their request. The State Dept. spent $70,000 on a Pakistani television advertisement rebuking the film. And the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff personally telephoned a Christian minister in Florida to ask him to withdraw his support of the film.

Rep. Michael Grimm (R, C-NY) wants to know why President Obama hasn’t denounced the exhibit and said he’s fed up with what he called the administration’s “religious hypocrisy.”

“The Obama administration’s hypocrisy and utter lack of respect for the religious beliefs of Americans has reached an all-time high,” Grimm told Fox News. “I call on President Obama to stand up for America’s values and beliefs and denounce the ‘Piss Christ’ that has offended Christians at home and abroad.”

So will the Obama Administration condemn the anti-Christian art display? Will they air a television ad denouncing the exhibit? Will the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ask the gallery to cancel the exhibit?

The White House did not return calls seeking comment. Neither did the Pentagon.



Anonymous said...

He wont condemn it. obama does not have the character to do what is right, only what he is paid to do or ordered by his islamic masters to do. The U.S. government under obama is full of stealh muslims, the head raghead is in the white house.

Bird of Paradise said...

I bet if it displayed a picture of MUHAMMED submurged in urine and called PISS MUHAMMED Obama would not only condem it but have the musium closed down

K. Templar said...

The Marxist-in-Chief, being a devout Muslim and anti-Christian, will not condem this outrageous offense.

But Christians all over the world should learn from this. They should see that in todays world, things like love, tolerance, and turning the other cheek, don't work. The only thing that happens when you turn the other cheek is that you get slapped again. It's time we started hitting back.

Anonymous said...

Since Jesus was a rabbi, isn't this then actually an insult to Jews? Should not they condem this outrage?

Then again, jews do comprise the overwhelming majority of the left-wing, which sees nothing wrong with this "art", so long as it's not aimed at them or their Muslim friends.

Go Away Bird said...

Boycott the art gallery where this trashy art is displayed

Anonymous said...

Would you like cheese with your whine?

Dean said...

Of course Obama won't condemn anti-Christian acts. He's stated that he falls on the side of Islam. Not only that, most Christians won't riot, burn and murder when insulted.

It would appear a sizable portion of Muslims will.

Anonymous said...

It's all too obvious: Our illustrious leader President Obama (peace be upon him) would never do anything to go against his beliefs as a Muslim. Supporting militant and radical Islamic groups is perfectly OK in his eyes, as is chastising Israel and denigrating Christians.

He can claim he is a Christian all he wants, but he clearly is not.

Flu-Bird said...


Go Away Bird said...

"The Marxist-in-Chief, being a devout Muslim and anti-Christian"

What a silly thing to say! That makes sense though. You are so consumed with hate for OUR president that you will make up shit just so that you will get a hard-on. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Christians should show how more civilized they are than the Muslims by simply ignoring any such "exhibition" and not give it more oxygen of publicity by their own public displays of outrage and condemnation, or playing the victim-card.