Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Atheists Continue to Push for 9/11 Cross Ban, Claiming It Has Caused Them ‘Physical and Emotional’ Pain‏

Atheist activists have a knack for picking riveting, infuriating and seemingly never-ending battles. During the Christmas season, they aim for nativities on public property and at the end of every school year, their targets set on commencement prayers.

While these battles have become all-too-familiar, there’s one showdown brewing that distinguishes itself from the rest — atheists’ demands that a cross found in the rubble following the September 11, 2001 attacks not be included in a museum that is being planned to commemorate the lives lost during the tragedy.

American Atheists (AA), a group working to advance the secular cause, has been leading the charge against the Ground Zero cross since July 2011, when the organization first filed suit against it.

“The atheists’ suit claims that by including the cross in a museum on public property, the government is unconstitutionally endorsing a religion,” Jessup writes. “It also asserts that the mere presence of the cross would result in emotional — and possibly even physical — injuries among atheists who will feel anxious and excluded.”  [What pathetic little pussies!]

Interestingly, even if these protections do apply, the museum contents that “there is no legal authority for the proposition that a museum is prohibited from displaying an item with historical, cultural or artistic significance merely because that item also has religious significance.”

The World Trade Center cross was not a symbol constructed by men using debris found at Ground Zero following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Instead, the “cross” itself is a piece of debris found at the site — a group of steel beams which resembles the proportions of a Christian cross.

So why the outrage? The cross symbol only holds significance for those who believe in what it stands for. In other words, to an atheist, the steel “cross” wreckage should represent nothing but the tragedy of 9/11.

CNN legal expert Jeffrey Toobin calls the atheists’ case “absurd” and says that the odds that the cross will be removed “are literally zero.” Still, Silverman’s group forges on in its non-theistic crusade to strip faith out of the 9/11 Museum.



Bird of Paradise said...

Daarn selfish self-centred athiests trying to force their idiotic ideas upon the whole nation as bad as that newow jerk over the pledge and IN GOD WE TRUST on our money

Anonymous said...

Lets strip any religious references intentional or accidental out of history so that these poor folks won't be all stressed out by having to see or hear about it. They obviously are sensitive flowers that cannot handle it. So lets strip it all out to spare them the misery it obviously brings them. Who cares if doing so makes history a lie as long as we can protect their easilly bruised sensitivities.

My particular faith does not use a cross but I don't get worked up over something that gave people great hope in a horrible time. An accidental symbol in the rubble became a rallying point for many people. Should we just pretend like that part of history didn't happen in a museum honoring 9-11?

Anonymous said...

It's simple, really: A cross just reminds the Atheist of what he will never have. When his life ends, it is without any promise or hope of an afterlife. His body will rot to worm food, and his consciousness will be forever snuffed out. All that he is mentally and physically will cease to exist and deteriorate into the dirt. All that he has done will be quickly forgotten rendering his existence truly meaningless. He is truly mortal with a finite existence. Most Atheists say they are OK with that, but are they really?

As a Christian, I do not fear death because it is simply a stepping stone to an new and exciting eternity. And the symbol of the cross comforts me--something an Atheist can simply never understand.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how these sissy crybabies even can type given they must have extreme carpal tunnel syndrome being such limp wristers.

Anonymous said...

Funny these liberal limp wristers never demand that cities like Los Angeles or Corpus Christi or San Antonio change their name,,because of the large hispanic communities. So there's the diversity exception to limp wristers getting offended.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of pos asshole pc bastards the aclu is.To bad their headquarters were not in the WTC.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but a cross does not cause anyone pain or suffering unless you is nailed to it. If you don't believe in Jesus, it is merely two steel beams riveted together at 90 degrees. Big deal. Get over it. Why are you worrying about something that you believe is meaningless? Or maybe it's making you feel guilty for rejecting God and you don't want to keep being reminded, indeed by removing the cross, you want to prevent other people from thinking about it so you will feel better about your "beliefs".

Anonymous said...

Would these people also want to ban a holocaust museum from displaying the Star of David?

Anonymous said...

The powerful symbolism of the cross is that it represents all that Atheists reject. It is a constant reminder that they reject God.

This is NOT an issue of a group trying to impose beliefs on others, it's about a group being continually reminded that they reject the beliefs of others.

jonjayray said...

Yes. Anything that gives people comfort should have an assumption in its favor

Anonymous said...

"Anything that gives people comfort should have an assumption in its favor"

Like heroin.

Mentle said...

The BnaiBrith and the SPLC are heavily involved in replacing crosses with menorahs and Christians with Noachidiots.

While there is to be separation of Church and State, an intimate amalgm of Synagogue and State is desirable and normalised.

For what ever reason, Christianity is under attack by all, despite the fact that the New Testament does not appear to advocate duplicity in relations with others or a two tiered valuation of humans.

Go Away Bird said...

The ACLU was founded bya COMMUNISTS thats one of the reasons they oppose crosses and nativities