Wednesday, September 12, 2012

British policewomen fired over private conversation

Two female police officers have been sacked after a colleague recorded them having a conversation in which one likened black people to gorillas and monkeys.

Special Constable Rosanna Garofalo and WPC Joanna Sugda were in the changing room at Islington Police Station in March when a colleague left an iPhone on record in her locker at work.

When the recording was played back, Garofalo was heard saying that black people 'all look the f*****g same. They all look like monkeys.'

A disciplinary hearing heard how the officer said she could never sleep with a black man and that her boyfriend wouldn't be interested in black women as they 'look like gorillas'.

Describing another officer, she added that she had 'a face like a gorilla', that she was 'f*****g ugly'.

Sugda, 32, is believed to be heard laughing in the background after exclaiming: 'you cant say that.'

The recording, which happened on March 9, was handed over to senior staff and both officers were sacked for gross misconduct at a disciplinary hearing on August 29. Garofalo has launched a claim for unfair dismissal.



Anonymous said...

Hard to believe people actually talk that way (sober). Sounds like a hoax.

Anonymous said...

We already know that things like honest thought are crimes in Britain, but are there no privacy laws? What if a video had been taken of them talking, and dressing?

BTW, a fact cannot be racist.

Bird of Paradise said...

PC nonsense in the EUROWEENIE UNION it cant get more rediculous then this

Anonymous said...

Despite being a PC argument, the work place is simply not the place for this kind of conversation. At a bar, at home, or anywhere they are off duty, that's fine, but at work, this is not acceptable.

Vulture said...

Well staydid, Bird of Pairadice. YOU speek for all of us

Anonymous said...

1:42 Yes, and it's nothing to do with taking place in Britain(aka the "whipping boy" on this patently anglophobic site).

Anonymous said...

By the standard of Vulture's spelling, it's obviously another Bird alias!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was illegal to record someone without a court order or the person’s knowledge?

BTW, racists/hate speech IS free speech! You may not like it but if you want the right to speak you mind you have to give some racists the same right.

Anonymous said...

A Fox News Headline: "Moody's Investors Service says rating on U.S. government debt could drop if lawmakers don't reach budget deal"

Doesn't Moody's know what the U.S Government is capable of? The Government killed Osama bin Laden without mercy. Taking out the head of Moody's would be a walk in the park.

Anonymous said...

So, we must all now either find black people attractive or shut the hell up?
While the latter is probably a smart move nowadays it seems like no-one is entitled to an opinion or a preference any longer.
I think opinions - no matter how stupid - ought to be able to be voiced. I am sure everyone else here would agree.

Liz said...

I suspect there is more history to this story. Why was the iPhone put in the locker on record? Maybe a history of this woman being a racist jerk? Freedom of speech is all well and good, but employers have a right to demand their employees maintain civility and decorum in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

everyone should be entitled to their opinion. It has no bearing on how well they do their job eh?