Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Climate Alarmists’ Gross Perversion of the Word Clean

Climate alarmists have gone to endless efforts to gain public acceptance of their doomsday premise that the world must greatly reduce its use of fossil fuels to avoid catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. They have fudged the surface temperature data, used meaningless climate models, argued that human emissions of carbon dioxide will warm the planet despite the strong evidence to the contrary, and so on, but their greatest perversion is of the English language.

They have branded CO2 as a pollutant and claimed that reducing it is necessary to make the world “clean.” All the alarmists from Gore to McKibben to Obama are guilty of this; in fact, the use of this terminology is so uniform that one suspects that they all have been coached to say it at every opportunity. Unfortunately, their efforts have even been supported by the Supreme Court, which decreed that CO2 is subject to regulation by the USEPA under the Clean Air Act despite no real support for this in the legislative history.

The Alarmists’ Biggest Propaganda Weapon

Since no one is opposed to something being clean, this is by far the alarmists’ biggest propaganda weapon. They have eagerly seized it and are running with it as hard as they can, despite its inapplicability in this case. They often combine it with the additional adjective “renewable” and refer to wind and solar-generated energy as “clean renewable” energy. CO2 emissions from using fossil fuels to generate energy, on the other hand, are characterized as “dirty” even though they are invisible, so cannot be perceived as clean or dirty by anyone.

But how can they get by with such a gross perversion of reality and the language? Plants must have adequate levels of CO2 in order to live, and have been shown to grow better with higher atmospheric levels; if they all die, Earth will become a truly dirty, lifeless landscape with endless piles of blowing sand and dirt and starving humans. Plants came close to mass starvation during the last ice age because of the low levels of CO2. CO2 is essential for plants and indirectly for animals.

Why Wind and Solar Are Actually Very Dirty

So the alarmists are actually arguing that life on Earth should be dirty and plants must be allowed to die in order to keep life-giving atmospheric CO2 levels down. The alarmists’ favored means for reducing CO2 emissions actually have many important dirty aspects such as bird and bat kills, rare earth mining, hideous wind and solar plants spread over huge areas, and difficult and slow removal of abandoned windmills and solar facilities after the subsidies are cut. This does not make CO2 reduction “clean”; it makes it anti-environmental, anti-poor people, and ultimately “dirty.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Global Warming is the biggist hoax ever bigger then any in history if we did,nt have those troublemakers from GREENPEACE sailing all over in their ships and launching their zodiacs or the EDF using kids and false and misleading commercials or some wackos for the NRDC running around dressed as polarbears or thousands of useful idiots lead by Al Bore Liarnardo DiCrapio Robber Kennedy Jr marching though the streets of NYC carrying dumb banners and sign with dumb slogans on them and the Useless nations and the Paris Accord that Obama the Fink endorsed but Trump wisely rejected

Anonymous said...

Climate change is real and is natural. It has been going through long slow cycles for hundreds of million years and will continue without any puny effects of human activity. The massive ice sheets melted over the period of roughly 15,000 years ago to 10,000 years ago; it is surprising the all of the ice has not melted by now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they want all animal life to stop breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Think how that would reduce carbon dioxide levels!

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

I would like to see Greenpeace getting stranded in the ice attract the polarbears when their in the north pole and the penguins when their south pole to see these twits in the ice and lets see the skuas dive bomb them

Stymphalian Bird the man eating bird witha brass beak and shoots his feathers said...

The nuts continue to fall the nut tree is tired of the green nuts and the squrrels find them putrid