Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Boston 'free speech' rally drowned out by anti-hate speech protesters

Free speech for Leftists only.  There was no "hate speech" to drown out

Thousands of anti-racism demonstrators have flooded the streets of Boston to dwarf a gathering of white nationalists in the city, triggering scuffles with police but avoiding the deadly violence that marred last week's Virginia rally.

A so-called "free speech" rally by far-right groups had been scheduled to run until 2pm yesterday local time, but shortly before that police escorted its dozens of participants to safety past the throng of anti-racism protesters.

Aerial images show the counter-protesters filling one of Boston's main streets for several blocks, in a huge outpouring of anti-racist sentiment in the strongly Democratic northeastern city.



Bird of Paradise said...

Thousands of Useful Idiots drown out Free Speech just like all useful idiots do the left is so full of useful idiots

Anonymous said...

Not always a fan of Julian Assange but he was right on this one: