Friday, August 25, 2017

‘Ching Chong’ written on Asian customer’s receipt

It's just slang for a Chinese person.  Presumably used to identify the customer for the waitress

A RESTAURATEUR in New York City has reportedly apologised for — and fired — an employee who wrote “Ching Chong” on an Asian woman’s receipt in place of her name.

Ziggy Chau, a friend of the woman’s daughter, first posted a photo of the receipt to Facebook last week, decrying the “racist staff” and urging the Facebook community to boycott the establishment.

“Please boycott this place Cornerstone Cafe NYC until they publicly apologise,” wrote Chau alongside a picture of the receipt, which clearly reads “Ching Chong” under both the “to go” and “customer name” sections. “Better yet, call them directly and let them know they have a racist staff,” Chau added.

Later that evening, Chau phoned the Cornerstone Cafe to complain, but claimed that the manager, Rocco, suggested that his server must have misheard the woman’s name when she was taking down the order. Chau, however, informed him that “Ching Chong” was a derogatory term for Asians, and asked him to apologise on social media.

Chau’s efforts appeared to work, seeing as Rocco apologised on Cornerstone Café’s Facebook page by 11:30pm. The post is no longer available on the restaurant’s Facebook page, but a screengrab posted to Shanghaiist confirms that Rocco apologised and terminated the offending employee.



Anonymous said...

Some people do not always use good judgement.

Bird of Paradise said...

To liberals Free Speech must be restricted to a tiny little section of the campus less some whining little snowflake get their sensitive little feelings hurt