Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fired Google engineer gives his first interview with an alt-right YouTube star, revealing that he wrote his infamous 'sexist' memo on a 12-hour flight after feeling 'isolated' in the company for his beliefs

The 28-year-old Google software engineer who was fired on Monday for writing a 'sexist' internal memo has given his first interview to an alt-right star.

James Damore appeared on right-winger Stefan Molyneaux's YouTube show on Tuesday, defending his diatribe that claimed women were not biologically cut out for the tech industry. Google CEO Sundar Pichai called the 10-page essay, which was leaked to the media on Sunday, 'not OK'.

Molyneaux, whose YouTube show has more than 650,000 subscribers, has railed against feminists and become and an advocate for 'men's rights'.

In the more than 45-minute interview, Damore revealed that he wrote the controversial memo during a 12-hour flight to China, when he was feeling 'isolated' by the company's 'liberal' culture.

In another interview, Damore said his firing 'hasn't fully hit' him yet. 'I really thought it was a problem Google itself had to fix,' he said. 'Hopefully they do.'

One thing that triggered him to write the letter was attending one of the company's diversity programs, which he found 'shameful'.

'I went to a diversity program at Google,' he told Molyneux. 'It was ... not recorded, totally secretive. I heard things that I definitely disagreed with in some of our programs. I had some discussions there. There was lots of just shaming and, "No you can't say that — that's sexist," and, "You can't do this."

'There's just so much hypocrisy in the things they are saying. I decided to create the document to clarify my thoughts,' he said. 

Damore said he isn't the only one at Google who doesn't subscribe to the company's left-leaning agenda. He says he wrote the memo to speak up for other Googlers who are 'not in this groupthink' and have felt 'isolated and alienated' by the company's culture.

Damore said that those with conservative views in Silicon Valley, ' feel like they have to stay in the closet' and 'mask' their true political opinions. He claims that some of the more conservative employees have been thinking about leaving the company because the left-wing bias has been 'getting so bad'.

Damore says the proof that his ideas are supported is in the heaps of positive feedback he's received from the essay.  

'I've gotten a ton of personal messages of support, which has been really nice. I got that at Google before all of this leaked. Lots of upper management was shaming me,' he said.

Damore revealed that he wrote the memo around a month ago and had shared it with 'multiple' Google employees who never had 'this explosive reaction.'

'All the responses were rational discussion,' he added, saying he had been stunned by the reaction in public to his arguments.

He stated that he had simply 'laid out my arguments, I specified exactly whats causing this I even outlined what the response may be, all this PC silencing - but they did exactly that.'

Damore claims those attacking him for his sexist comments 'feel self righteous' and that 'the ends justify the means.'


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For a long time, I have considered Google to be evil and have avoided it as much as possible.