Thursday, August 24, 2017

Black woman accuses England Women manager of 'racist' Ebola remark

Obviously jocular remarks, the sort of thing common among sports people.  But jokes are dangerous these days

The manager of England Women, Mark Sampson, is facing explosive new claims by Eni Aluko after she accused him of telling her to ensure her Nigerian relatives did not bring Ebola to a game at Wembley.

Aluko also revealed the Football Association had been aware of the alleged comment since November, claiming it had not investigated the matter despite her complaining that another mixed-race player had been asked by Sampson how many times she had been arrested.

The FA conducted an internal investigation and independent inquiry into the latter accusation following a formal complaint of bullying and discrimination by Aluko, with both clearing Sampson of any wrongdoing.

Despite this, it emerged earlier this month the FA had paid Aluko £80,000 at the conclusion of the second inquiry to “avoid disruption” before last month’s European Championship.

Aluko broke her silence on the case on Monday, with the FA’s consent, branding the decision to clear Sampson of a number of allegations she made against him as a “farce”.


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Bird of Paradise said...

Oh Great another paranoid this woman need to see head shrink they have gone totaly nuts