Thursday, August 03, 2017

If you're a conservative, have you ever felt silenced by liberal popular opinion or colleagues?

Cooper Kensington answers that below.  Another example showing that Leftism morphs into tyranny if it can get away with it. The situation Cooper describes sounds very much the situation in the Communist China of Mao Tse Tung

I’m a liberal, and I have felt silenced by other liberals.

To be quite honest, many liberal circles have a raging problem with group think. If you are not 100% in line with the leftist narrative, or dare to express something that isn’t 100% in line with the leftist narrative of the day, you are often swiftly ostracized, and all of the liberal sycophants come out from beneath the woodwork to tell you how much of a terrible person you are and how you’re some sort of -ist or -phobe.

As a privileged cis, straight, white, male, I often have to tread very lightly as I am walking around massive target on my back in the eyes of many liberals and SJW’s. In many of their eyes, simply being cis/straight/white/male already puts you on probation and under watchful eye.

If you dare to disagree with any of the methods that BLM uses or any of the demands that they make, you’re a racist and suffering from “fragile whiteness”.

If you dare to disagree with anything that a feminist has to say, you are sexist and misogynist and suffering from “fragile masculinity”

If you think burqas and hijabs are a regressive practice and people shouldn’t celebrate wearing them, you’re Islamophobic.
If you forget to include a gender identity or sexual orientation that you’ve never even heard of before, you’re transphobic.

Pretty much, if you open your mouth and say anything that isn’t in line with the leftist narrative and rhetoric you’re automatically some sort of bigot.

Even here on Quora I can just sense a lot of the pretentiousness coming from a lot of the other liberal contributors, and wonder if I should even bother opening my mouth if what I have to say at all disagrees in any small bit with them.

But my biggest gripe however is this new thing that you’ve probably heard of known as “mansplaining”.

In it’s original meaning, it was meant to mean when a man explains something to a woman that she probably already knows, in a patronizing and condescending way. This of course is something that men shouldn’t do, and if I was a woman, I’d get pretty fed up with it myself.

However, in my experience, many modern feminists and liberal sycophants seem to be under the impression that merely having a penis and opening your mouth is now considered “mansplaining”.

It’s become a sort of an ad hominem attack at this point, where if you are a man and say something that a woman doesn’t like and doesn’t want to hear, she can simply accuse you of mansplaining to try and shut you up. And of course, many of her liberal sycophants will gladly oblige.

Explaining something in a condescending and patronizing way to a woman is mansplaining. Having an opinion or saying something that she disagrees with or doesn’t want to hear is not.

If you don’t believe me, go on Buzzfeed or any other “feminist” outlet. If you are a guy, and dare to disagree with a woman, or explain to someone how their position is wrong or parts of argument are based on false premises, it won’t be long before someone accuses you of mansplaining to try and shut you up.

A little while back, I’m sure many of you might remember that male birth control clinical trial that was cancelled because many of the participants were experiencing serious side effects.

We still don't have male birth control — but no, it's not because men are wimps

Of course, many “feminist” outlets (including Buzzfeed) all had a field day ragging on men for quitting the study because they were apparently too wussy to handle the side effects.

I had one “feminist” acquaintance (although often she’s actually just an angry misandrist) go on this long-winded rant about how all these men are wimps for quitting the study, and how she has put up with all these side effects from her own hormonal birth control, etc. etc.

I then explained that despite the bullshit, willfully dishonest, misleading headline from Buzzfeed, the study wasn’t ended because the men quit the study. Rather, despite that fact that 75% of the men in the study were okay with the side effects and wanted to continue the study, the people administering the study cancelled the study because the incidence of side effects was higher than what is typically seen with female hormonal birth control. I won’t deny that there is sexism in medicine, but shaming the participants in the study was not appropriate, as it was not their call to cancel the study.

Of course, this didn’t stop her from telling me to “stop mansplaining a woman’s issue.”

And here I’m thinking, how the fuck is a study about MALE birth control solely a “woman’s issue”?

But alas, I had a penis and I rained on her misandrist parade, so because she’s a “feminist” she can accuse me of “mansplaining” to try and shut me up.

In another instance, a group of friends and I were discussing the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election with some other people. This one self-described feminist in the group made the claim that “sexism is the only reason that Hillary lost the election.”

Another guy in the group went on to disagree, that yes, sexism was a factor, but was not the only one. There are an entire myriad of reasons as to why someone might not have voted for Hillary. Believe it or not, some people had genuine political differences, and vote based on political positions, not a candidates personal plumbing.

She then went on to claim that because she as a woman understood sexism better than him, she could claim with 100% certainty that sexism was the only reason that Hillary lost the election, and that as a man, any opinions he may have are irrelevant, so he might as well just shut up. And of course, many of her liberal sycophants were more than happy to back her up and tell the guy to just shut up and stop talking.

Yes, I am a privileged, cis, straight, white male.

But liberals and leftists need to realize that we exist - and that we indeed have a right to exist - and that all of our opinions aren’t automatically worthless and invalid just because of our straightness/whiteness/maleness.

It’s intellectually weak to just try and shut someone up because they have opinions that might differ slightly from your own.



Anonymous said...

While this was an excellent piece, he misses the deeper truth. The fact is that in fighting/protecting against discrimination against the minority of the day, liberals are attempting to institutionalize discrimination based on gender, race and (Heaven forbid) sexual identity if you're a straight white male and born that way. Once again, their hypocrisy is showing.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals and leftists are the biggist hypotcrites around just look at those scumbags did at U.C. Berkeley these filthy little bolshevek scumballs

Use the Name, Luke said...

If straight white males treated women like these feminists treat men, they would be accused of oppressing women. And (for once) they would be right.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is cis ?

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberal snowflakes are dysfuncrioonal idiots

Anonymous said...


What is that ?