Sunday, August 06, 2017

Popular Sydney hair salon shocks thousands of followers when it posts photo of model with offensive Nazi tattoo

It's only a Nazi tattoo inferentially.  It means "my leader" -- which could refer to a lot of things.  It is however written in German using Gothic script and the words are exactly the way Nazis addressed Adolf Hitler so it does presumably refer to the Nazi era.  Just what it means in the given context is unknown, however.  Nazi iconography appears to have sexually arousing properties to some, for instance.  So it could be just a part of kinky sex.  The words themselves tell us nothing in the absence of a wider context so should not be taken too seriously

A popular Sydney salon has shocked thousands of their followers after posting an offensive Nazi tattoo online.

Strands of Colour Hair and Beauty posted a photo of a model's braided hair to social media but were unaware of the neo-Nazi meaning behind her tattoo.

The model had 'Mein Fuhrer' tattooed across the back of her neck which is used in reference to the Nazi party leader, Adolf Hitler, meaning 'leader' or 'guide'.

Dozens of people took to Facebook slamming the Campbelltown salon after they shared the photo on Thursday accusing the salon of being 'white supremacists'.

'There's no way you could've missed that 'mein fuhrer' tat (sic); utterly reprehensible,' one Facebook user commented.

Since posting the photo to Facebook and Instagram, the Sydney salon have deleted the photo and apologised for the offensive post.

'Strands of Colour sincerely apologises for any offence caused by the images posted on our social media,' the salon said.

'We posted photos of work we are proud of, not noticing the client's body art and these images have now been removed.


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Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

More people died under the Hammer and Scycle then died under the Swatika its just you'll never see or hear anything like this by liberal history book writters