Thursday, August 10, 2017

Protestors Dressed as Nazis Tried to Shut Down Ann Coulter During a Free Speech Panel

New York Times best-selling author, columnist, and speaker Ann Coulter was participating in a panel discussion titled "Censorship on Campus" at Politicon, an annual "non-partisan" convention that brings people of all stripes together to see their favorite pundits, politicians and more.

But before she could get in a word, two protestors dressed as Nazis started shouting her down in an effort to silence her.

It took some time for the disruptive individuals to be booted out of the room. It didn't appear that the event's organizers were prepared for this sort of thing to happen.

It didn't end there. Two more protestors against Coulter, not dressed like the first pair, were also escorted out of the room shortly after the first two individuals.

The Los Angeles affiliate for CBS News captured some of ruckus in this video:

Joining Coulter on the panel were Axios Vice President Evan Ryan, stand-up comic Gregg Proops, Political Editor Guy Benson and tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin.

Ann got in a joke at the costumed protestors' expense, as tweeted by an individual also watching the chat.

@AnnCoulter said she was happy the liberal protestors dressed as Nazis to protest her showed up in their "natural garb"!


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Bird of Paradise said...

Typical socialists scumbags always try and shout down all conservatives their totaly a bunch of spoiled little snowflakes who need to be kicked out of their platpens and join the real world