Monday, August 07, 2017

First Nations leader urges Canada to prosecute 'out of hand' hate speech

Mainly because of the way the government coddles and favors them, a lot of Canadians resent their aboriginal people.  Shutting up expressions of that resentment is much more likely to aggravate the resentment rather than reduce it

Amid growing online attacks on Canada’s indigenous peoples – laced with vitriol, stereotypes and even death threats – a prominent First Nations leader is urging the government to crack down on hate speech.

“It’s getting out of hand,” said Chief Bobby Cameron of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, which represents 74 First Nations in the province of Saskatchewan. “Our people deserve to feel accepted. They shouldn’t feel that their lives are in danger.”

During a meeting this week with Canada’s justice minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, he pushed the government to consider strengthening the country’s hate speech laws. While prosecution of hate speech is not common in Canada, those found guilty face up to two years in prison.

“We’re calling for harsh and swift penalties, as well as prosecution,” he said. “These people, if they say, ‘So and so should die,’ or ‘I’m going to kill you,’ immediately they should be charged. Those that are spurring hatred and spurring death online deserve to go to jail.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Hate speech in the minds of liberals with their walnut sized brains is any speech that makes little liberal snowflakes cry and feel uncomforible

Stan B said...

To speak right is to think right - George Orwell, 1984