Monday, July 24, 2017

White news reporter sues her NBC-affiliate station after they forced her to resign over using the n-word in a private conversation

She actually called HERSELF a n*gger as an intended joke

A news reporter who was forced to resign after it was revealed she used the n-word in a private Twitter exchange with a source is now suing her old station.

Valerie Hoff, 54, filed a lawsuit against NBC-affiliate 11Alive in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday.

The lawsuit claims that the station made a 'breach of contract' by forcing her to resign, when they at first said that a two-week suspension was adequate punishment.

'I was treated unfairly and I’m looking forward to my side of exactly what happened coming out,' she told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The controversy dates back to April 13, when Hoff found a video online showing a white police officer punching a black motorist.

She reached out to the man who posted the video, Curtis Rivers, for permission to use the video.

At the time, Rivers has posted on his Twitter that a bunch of reporters were trying to contact him about the video.

'I just posted a video to get some justice now I got news n****s all up in my DMs [direct messages] telling me to call them smh [shaking my head],' he said.

Hoff tried to make a joke about the post, saying 'please call this news n****'.

At first, Rivers thought the joke was funny, replying 'LMFAOO'.

But then he became offended when he realized that Hoff wasn't black.

'I just looked through your photos on twitter and realize u aren't black but called me a n****'

'No I called myself one,' Hoff responded.

'I'm a news lady at 11alive I thought you were referring to all of us. So sorry if you didn't understand,' she said.

Her station found out about the exchange when Rivers posted part of it on Twitter.

Hoff apologized multiple times and eventually Rivers took the screenshots down.

Hoff says she spoke with her boss, assistant news director Julie Eisenmanm, about the incident and she said Hoff did the right thing, according got the lawsuit.

The next day, Hoff says she even spoke with her human resources representative Grady Tripp, who assured her that she would not be terminated.

Tripp said she would be suspended for two weeks without pay, as her contract stipulated. If she did anything again though, she would be fired.

And just two days before her suspension was to end, she got a voicemail from News Director Jennifer Rigby, saying: 'We miss you and really, really look forward to your return on Thursday'.

But on Thursday, management pushed her return back by at least a day. And on Friday she was told to wait until Monday.

A few minutes after that call, Rigby called back to say that the story had been reported by a broadcast gossip site and that it complicated her return to work.

A few hours later, Tripp and Rigby gave Hoff the choice of either resigning or being fired.

Hoff resigned, but she said it wasn't a choice.



Anonymous said...

My summary:
Black man calls reporters a name
A reporter responds by adopting that name
Black man originally approves of usage
Black man then decides not appropriate for person to adopt epithet
Reporter gets fired because black man changed mind.
And that is the state of race relations.

Anonymous said...

Liberals have no sense of humor.

Bird of Paradise said...

I hope she wins and plucks the proud NBC peacock