Monday, July 31, 2017

The British Tories’ trans proposals could make it a crime to tell the truth

Britain is going full Orwell. The Tory government is proposing to include in the Gender Recognition Bill the ‘right’ to alter the sex on one’s birth certificate. So if a 32-year-old man decides that he is in fact a woman, he could be able to go to the General Register Office and insist that the word ‘Boy’ be erased from his birth certificate and replaced with the word ‘Girl’, or ‘Female’. Even though he was not a girl when that certificate was drawn up. Even though the midwife who declared ‘It’s a boy!’ when he was born, and the birth registrar who later wrote the word ‘Boy’ or ‘Male’ on his birth certificate, were telling the truth. That truth, that publicly recorded truth, that national truth, would be replaced with a lie. We’ve entered Ministry of Truth territory. The memory hole is real.

The Tory government’s trans proposals should alarm anyone who believes in reason and freedom. Revealed in The Sunday Times, the plan is to shake up the legal ‘gender recognition’ process to make it easier for trans people to identify as the opposite sex. Or no sex. One suggestion is for non-binary people, those who feel neither male nor female, to have the right to go back in time and stamp ‘X’ in the gender box on their birth certificate – a fitting image for the destructive, past-rewriting process that would be unleashed by this shake-up. And virtually anyone could do this. The government wants to scrap the current requirement of a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria before you can switch gender and allow for ‘self-identification’. So any bloke could self-identify as a woman, apply for the legal right to be recognised as a woman, and – boom – he’s a woman. Sorry, she’s a woman.

It’s madness. And most people know it’s madness. Ask any normal, decent member of the public if Dave, 32, born a boy, still in possession of a penis, and a five o’clock shadow on a rough weekend, is a man or a woman, and I bet you they will say: ‘Man.’ Not because they are prejudiced or ‘transphobic’ – the latest phobia slur designed to pathologise dissent – but because they understand reality. And truth. And biology and experience.

They know that in order to be a woman, you first have to have been a girl. They know womanhood is not a pose one strikes in front of the mirror but is biological, relational, cultural and social. They know the man who wears a dress is a man who wears a dress. Which is cool, and his choice, and he must have the right to wear that dress. But he isn’t a woman.



Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the original birth certificate or registration cannot be altered (as it is an already made historical document/registration), only a replacement modified copy might be made available for personal use, as in the case of adopted persons.

Bird of Paradise said...

So now its a crime to tell people that Global Warming is a Lie and Islam is Not the Religion of Peace and get arrested and sent to Prison. Liberals are Ruining the British Isles when once the Lion Roared it now Meows thanks to Liberal Tories

Anonymous said...

Why should normal people make allowance for and be tolerant of those who have twisted minds ?

Anonymous said...

Signs of a sick society in decay.

Stan B said...

Transexuals are the epitome of "facts" vs "feelings."

It is no wonder that they suffer a variety of concurrent mental issues - assaulted every day by the obvious truth as they try to convince themselves (and those around them) that their bodies are a lie! That any Government allows for the alteration of official documents on the grounds of "compassion" is just another step in the wrong direction.

No matter how much we lie to them, or accommodate them - no matter how much they spend "transitioning" and mutilating their bodies - their DNA reveals the lie, and the cognitive dissonance causes for many an unbearable stress.

Anonymous said...

There seems some inconsistency with "gender fluidity" or gender irrelevance, as why try to transition the body physically from one gender stereotype to the other that involves drastic medical intervention. If gender is unimportant then people should be able to just ignore what their body looks like and just behave in a genderless fashion as the mood takes them, whether or not that is in a somewhat traditional masculine way, or in somewhat feminine way. Wishing to subject one's body to such mutilation reflects serious psychological issues (as with other types of non-essential body modification).