Sunday, July 09, 2017

Old-fashioned language in a joke attracts criticism

"Poofter" is an Australian slang term for a male homosexual. It was used commonly once, both as an insult and as a teasing joke. I have used it in the latter sense myself on many occasions. If someone does or says something of which you mildly disapprove, you may shout "Poofter"! at him

LEGENDARY cricket commentator Bill Lawry has apologised after delivering a gay slur against Prince Alfred College, calling greats of the game who attended the school “a pack of poofters”.

The former Test captain made the comment while addressing a room full of advertising executives and major brand representatives at Nine’s launch of its upcoming Ashes coverage in Sydney on Tuesday.

His attempt at light-hearted ribbing of commentary colleagues like Ian Chappell created a distinctly awkward moment.

In an exchange first reported on advertising news website Mumbrella, 80-year-old Lawry said: “He went to Prince Alfred College where all the great cricketers from South Australia went to, and of course all majored in knitting and crocheting — they were bloody, all a pack of poofters … it was shocking.”

A Nine spokesperson told The Advertiser on Thursday: “Bill apologises for the comment and for any hurt that has been caused.

“Those present at the function realise there was no malice intended in the remark but that it could have been expressed better.”



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Snowflake is a new term used to discribe certian collage or university students who want their safe space(Playpen)and whine when they dont get their way

Anonymous said...

Derogatory terms used to be very common in speech.

Anonymous said...

He shouldn't have apologised, It was a comment relevant to the time and would probably be fairly accurate. It the SORRY game but with the alphabet losers.

Stan B said...

I love the logic of the left. "There's nothing wrong with being a homosexual, but using a term which might label someone homosexual is an insult, and therefore unacceptable (not that there's anything wrong wrong with that)."