Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The woodpile inhabitant again

Would "An African in the woodpile" pass muster?  Probably not

A BRITISH Conservative MP has been suspended by Theresa May overnight after she was caught on tape using a racist slur.

The move to kick Anne Marie Morris out of the party leaves the Prime Minister with an even smaller majority — making her more vulnerable to rebellions, reports The Sun.

The backbench MP said during a meeting that the prospect of leaving the EU without a deal was “the n***** in the woodpile”, HuffPost reported.

Ms Morris apologised within hours — but after widespread calls for the MP to be kicked out of Parliament, the Tories suspended her from the party in the Commons.

She was recorded saying: “Look at the detail, it isn’t all doom and gloom.

“Now we get to the real n***** in the woodpile — which is, in two years what happens if there is no deal?”

Mrs May said this afternoon: “I was shocked to hear of these remarks, which are completely unacceptable. I immediately asked the Chief Whip to suspend the party whip.

“Language like this has absolutely no place in politics or in today’s society.”

Now that the whip has been suspended from Ms Morris, she no longer counts as a Conservative in Parliament, although she is still a member of the party — leaving the Government with a tiny majority even with support of the DUP.

The Tories have launched an “urgent investigation” into her comments which will decide on her long-term future.


A lot of speech that was once normal can be perilous today.  I remember using the woodpile expression myself in days of long ago


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of whipping going on. I didn't realise the Tories were that heavily in to S&M but that shouldn't be a surprise. Honesty in speech matters not anymore. It is not the content of what you say but the words you choose that will determine your intent and ultimate fate in the modern age. I can think of worse choices of words such as calling Jeremy Corbyn the Honourable Member. Such hypocrisy.

Hinchey said...

Apparently one explanation for this idiom is that during the American civil was hollowed out logs filled with gunpowder were placed in wood piles destined for the steamboats of the other side . Obviously if they were used in the boilers they would explode destroying the ship . Fake explosive containing coal was also used

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are the most intollerent bunch of nincompoops in the world when someone uses a word that makes little snowflakes cry and feel bad all day long