Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Anti-Chinese posters up in an Australian university -- in Chinese

Hard to imagine these being put up by non-Chinese so it is probably a student prank -- like many before it

RACIST posters targeting Chinese students have been plastered across Monash University.

Several posters in Chinese were taped to bollards at the Clayton campus which were believed to have said: “This is a no-go zone for the Chinese and if you step in then you will be deported.”

The posters, which have the Monash University and Monash Student Association logo on them, had angered university groups and students.

Monash Student Association Clayton president Matilda Grey said she was disgusted by the posters and stressed they were not endorsed by their group. “We are not affiliated in any way with these posters that blatantly promote hate speech towards Chinese students,” Ms Grey said.

She said Chinese students had expressed their concerns to the group.  “A lot of students were horrified after seeing these posters across campus. We do not stand for this behaviour and we are completely appalled.”



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Look for someone that has access to a Chinese language computer and understanding of the language. I think a good place to start would be someone within that community.