Friday, July 28, 2017

Huggies removes gender-specific toilet training tips from its website after sarcastic mother labels it '1950s drivel'

The sarcastic lady is pushing sh*t uphill.  Even I am amazed at how regularly mothers dress their little girls in pink and boys in blue.  Sex differences reflect what works with kids.  I know a very feminine little girl who would reject being dressed in non-pink tops even before she could speak.  Little girls really do have distinct likes and dislikes -- even to liking pink.  The condemned advice below was simply realistic.  There is research evidence which  shows that preference for sex-specific toys is hardwired

Huggies New Zealand has removed toilet training advice from its website after a frustrated mother labelled it '1950s drivel' on Facebook.

The advice, which was accessible on the Huggies New Zealand website until Tuesday, was divided up into controversial gender-specific boxes.

Advice for girls included dressing them in 'helpful clothes' telling them stories about 'princess or heroines' and using their favourite toy 'as an example' on the potty.

'It's a good idea to start toilet training with a potty that your daughter knows she is responsible for - it helps if she chose it,' the advice read

'From a very young age, a girl's caregiving instinct kicks in. Emphasising that your daughter is responsible for looking after her potty can be great motivation.'

For boys, however, advice included using a 'sticker reward system' and 'superhero undies'.

'Boys are traditionally more competitive than girls. Create a chart with milestones that your son can reach the more times he uses his potty,' the advice read.

'Investing in a pair or two of undies that feature your son's favourite superhero or cartoon character can help. 'He might be more inclined to keep his hero clean and remember to use the potty when he needs.'

New Zealand mother Nicky Lynch addressed the advice in a Facebook post on the New Zealand Huggies page where she labelled it '1950s drivel'.

'I have a few areas I'm still struggling with. You say that little girls' "caregiving instincts" kick in at a very early age, and I should teach her to look after her potty as part of her "potty responsibilities",' she wrote.

'You also mentioned that little girls' desire to be clean kicks in earlier than for boys. I'm sorry to say I tried to explain her cleaning responsibilities to my little girl and she shouted something about poo poos, wee wees and farts and ran off butt-naked to make mud pies.

'I'm concerned that she may be confused about her gender identity and her future as a toilet cleaner could be at risk. How do I get her back on the straight and narrow?

'Anyway, if I dress him in regular clothes will he still grow up manly or will he get a bit of a complex that his "hero" isn't hero enough? He also doesn't seem to be as competitive as you suggest he should be. He even gave his sister a cuddle when she fell over in the mud the other day. Where am I going wrong?'

Nicky concluded her post by saying her husband said she 'shouldn't worry too much about your advice'.



Anonymous said...

Where am I going wrong?'

By not being a proper mother and not providing appropriate discipline with love.

Bird of Paradise said...

Nothing wrong with the 1950's its just some of these wackos are living in lala land and stuck in their own idiotic views of history

Anonymous said...

Don't like the advice? Don't use it.
There you go, problem solved. Nothing to sook over.

Stan B said...

Her little boy committed an act of sexual harassment when his sister was vulnerable and dealing with a fall in the mud? Quick, notify the authorities! She's obviously raising a sexual predator!

ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N said...

Think about it - If this "mother" knows anything of the 50's she'd be at least 80 years old!!

Where does she get her historical information - the Brady Bunch?

Anonymous said...

Good work again Revolution.
The Brady Bunch has nothing to do with the fifties.

ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N said...

That's my point Anon 7:54, but thanks for commenting.