Thursday, July 27, 2017

Police Ask Ex-Muslims to Pull ‘Allah Is Gay’ Sign, But Allow ‘Jesus Is Gay’ to Stay

During London’s Pride parade last week, members of Britain’s Council of Ex-Muslims (CEMB) were asked by police to lower their banners that read “Allah is Gay,” while other signs saying “Jesus is Gay” attracted no such concern.

“Pride is full of placards saying ‘God is Gay,’ ‘Jesus had two fathers,’ as well as those mocking the church and priests and pope, yet CEMB members hold signs saying ‘Allah is Gay’ – as we did – and the police converge to attempt to remove them for causing ‘offence,’” a statement on the CEMB’s website says.

Fear and misunderstanding caused the controversy, CEMB says in its statement:

“The only reasons our signs are seen to be ‘provocative’ are because criticism of Islam is deemed to be impermissible, because there is the constant threat of violence by Islamists against ex-Muslims but also dissenting Muslims and others in order to silence and censor, and because criticism of Islam and Islamism is erroneously conflated with an attack on Muslims.”



Bird of Paradise said...

The P.C' poppycock is getting out of hand but dont expect any christians to be demanding this persons head on a pole or issue a fatwa against them

Anonymous said...

If that is not discrimination then I don't know what is. If the muslims are pissed off so be it. Many non muslims are pissed off and nobody cares. It is a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Taking down one display while leaving others up is equal treatment then this is unacceptable. ALL are EQUAL under the LAW and should be treated EQUALLY.

Anonymous said...

It's pure fear of Muslim violence whenever the Muslims feel offended. It's no better than folding to Mafia intimidation. You might not care much if an old lady says she's offended, but if a thug with a baseball bat approaches and says he doesn't like what you're doing, you might think it wise to stop immediately. The police and authorities react in a corresponding way, and would prefer to avoid upsetting potential rioters than deal fairly with the general public.

Anonymous said...

It comes back to the fact that the government of day doesn't have the guts to enforce the law at all costs which is it's mandate. Time to take the do-gooders out of positions of power once and for all and get the country back to what it should be.

Stan B said...

Criticism of "Islam" has been conflated with "hate speech," and is seen as a direct attack on Muslims. Even Richard Dawkins isn't immune:

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

In the bible Liberals and snowflakes are called FOOLS

ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N said...

I doubt Jesus was gay at all, considering the unhappy times he had to endure.

Oh shit.. so you mean THAT kind of gay..?

It's a well-known fact that Mohammed was a serial paedophile and murderer. Let's stick with the truth in banner advertising huh?