Monday, July 17, 2017

Chicago: Must not criticize immigration system

The rally cries were clear Monday night as dozens called for the resignation of a suburban village trustee who they say is racist and offensive. But the trustee isn't backing down.

Angry about the Palos Township Trustee's social media posts, protesters called for Trustee Sharon Brannigan to step down.

The Arab American Action Network was one of several groups organizing the rally ahead of the meeting, upset about several Facebook posts from Brannigan, in particular one where she wrote:

"What's Palos doing? Why are all of our schools filling with Middle East students without documentation?"

"I have three kids in school here and it upset me that an elected official would say this and have so much hate towards us," said protester Manal Arman.

Most of the protesters couldn't fit in the small meeting room, where Brannigan called the posts her First Amendment right.

"The point of my statements criticizes the federal government's poor immigration controls including an almost negligible visa tracking system," Brannigan said

Those calling for her resignation say they will rally again at the next meeting as long she continues what they call her racist attitude toward Muslims.



Anonymous said...

Seems to me that a course in Anthropology 101 might lift the awareness level of those who delusionally consider Islam to be a "race".

Bird of Paradise said...

Chicago is called the Windy City becuase of all the liberal demacratic windbags and the Name Chicago is derived from a indian word meaning Bad Smell and never forget WGN and AL CAPONES VUALTS

Anonymous said...

Muslims are among the most biased.