Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Defeatist talk about black people not allowed

A bit strange

A Boston police officer who made a racist movie trailer parody will be suspended without pay for six months.

Police Commissioner William Evans on Thursday released a letter of apology from Officer Joseph DeAngelo Jr., who is additionally required to participate in sensitivity and unconscious bias training, meet with community leaders and do community service, CBS Boston reported.

DeAngelo, a four-year veteran of the force, admitted to creating the questionable video featuring another officer and the insensitive tagline: “This summer black people have met their match.”

In his letter, DeAngelo explained he was only trying to “poke fun of a longtime friend and co-worker” and apologized for the video, calling it “thoughtless, childish, insensitive and offensive.”



Anonymous said...

I hope that equally sadistic measures are applied to other officers who are not Caucasian with the same zeal. Six months of PC re-alignment? Seriously? Where is the Human Rights Commission? He admitted he stuffed up, he knows where he stuffed up but he has become a scapegoat for the PD and the media. The only point that wasn't mentioned was suspension with or without pay. That makes a big difference. Welcome to the new US with no sense of humor. No longer the greatest place to live. Don't expect you local police to smile any more.

Anonymous said...

More Politically Correct nonsense.

Bird of Paradise said...

P.C. is a form of socialism used by the one worlder's