Sunday, July 30, 2017

Chinese Regulator Calls Homosexuality ‘Abnormal’ and Bans Gay Content From the Internet

So censorship is a good thing?  Leftists might reflect that it can bite you too

China released a new regulation Friday banning any display of “abnormal sexual behaviors” — including homosexuality — in online video and audio content.

The regulation, published by the China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA), lays out strict censorship rules for online content ranging from movies and documentaries to cartoons and educational videos, according to Reuters.

Under the new rules, content will be edited or even banned if it promotes “luxurious lifestyles,” shows “violent and criminal processes in detail,” demonstrates “obscenity” including masturbation or displays “abnormal sexual behaviors" such as homosexuality.

The new rules quickly sparked heated debates and oppositions on Chinese social media. Li Yinhe, China’s leading scholar and advocate of free sexuality, said in a Weibo post that under these regulations, “all audio-visual art will be revoked.”
“Trying to regulate and censor people’s desires is as absurd as trying to regulate and censor people’s appetites.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Just imagine if this happened here in america the Atheists Communists & Lawyers Underground(ACLU)would be at your door with a lawsuit but this is CHINA and so nothing from the ACLU or the Useless Nations Human Rights wackos

Paul Weber said...

I have to say that China is correct on this issue. Being gay or lesbian isn't normal. Gays and lesbians don't reproduce to add to their group, they convert normal people. What China is doing is limiting their efforts to convert people to an abnormal lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

When China has used draconian methods to reduce over-population, including forced abortions and heavy penalties for more than one child per couple, I would have thought they would regard homosexuality as a boon.

ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N said...

China's history regarding oppression of its people through tin-pot dictatorships, from the draconian to the stupidest ideologies and policies is well known.

I'll just have to continue getting my tentacle Hentai from Japan.

Stan B said...

Don't worry. Google and Facebook will be facilitating these censors, providing the tools they need to stamp out the "unsanctioned" behavior - just as they have helped jail and punish dissidents in the past in the name of maintaining access to the Chinese markets!