Monday, June 19, 2017

Young British "Asian" dancer is unsympathetic to women

Judging by his first name he is probably a Muslim Pakistani by ancestry so his unsympathetic attitude to women was to be expected.  He was also let off as expected

He came third in Tuesday's semi final, along with dance partner and girlfriend Grace Durkin.

But Britain's Got Talent contestant Ali Rasul has reportedly come under fire from ITV bosses, after 'racist and sexist tweets' were uncovered on a Twitter account with his name.

Sources say the 16-year-old dancer was given a warning by producers, but let off due to his age.

One tweet on the teen's account reads: 'Hate it how girls have periods, all they do is moan and take there mood out on you.'(sic)

In another instance a picture of a black woman was posted, with the caption: 'Black Friday', with the tweet receiving a like from girlfriend Grace's account.

And another post reads: 'Hate it how lasses stick there arses out on photos just to get more likes #slags. Like if they had a nice a** they wouldn't stick it out.'(sic)

He also shared a picture of a signpost titled 'slag lane', joking 'had a few ex's (sic) from there.'



Anonymous said...

Sounds like Gay rage.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals dont think very much becuase it give them migrians

Anonymous said...

So a dumb kid made some dumb kid type comments???
Nothing that hasn't happened a billion times before.
The problem is that nowadays:
1. Their is a whole outrage industry busy working on ways to fuel their anger, and
2. The internet means everything is permanent.