Thursday, June 08, 2017

Must not link Jihadis to Islam

A BREITBART news editor who was fired for racist tweets she wrote in the aftermath of the London terror attack is crying poor and begging for a bailout to cover her medical costs.

Katie McHugh, who was fired on Monday, says that she was let go for “telling the truth about Islam,” according to her crowd-funding page.

Her former employers and a scathing CNN report see it differently.

While others were expressing their condolences on Twitter the night of the attacks that killed seven people and injured 48 others, McHugh tweeted, “There would be no deadly terror attacks in the UK if Muslims didn’t live there.”

Bones actor Pej Vahdat responded to her tweet, calling her a “moron.” To which McHugh responded, “You’re an Indian.” Vahdat is actually Iranian-American.



Paul Weber said...

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." - George Orwell

Anonymous said...

Firstly I take anything said by the Crap News Network with a grain of salt given their bias in their news reports.
Secondly I am disappointed with Breitbart for their immediate dismissal in order to appease the morons on the left who howl at the moon.
She is 100% correct that Islamic induced violence would not happen if there were no Muslims living in the UK. That is what is known as a fact. It is neither positive or negative to the Islamic population of the UK. It is a fact and is undisputable. If she did not make any derogatory comments about Muslims then she was unfairly dismissed. Why is it so hard to report the truth?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:41,

You might be correct except for the "undisputed fact" that she never said Islamic induced violence would not happen if there were no Muslims living in the UK..

Apparently her knowledge of history is a good as your knowledge of what she actually tweeted.

She has as history of ethnic slurs and even made another one when someone called her out on the timing and the stupidity of her tweet after the London attacks.

As to your thinking that "It is neither positive or negative to the Islamic population of the UK. It is a fact and is undisputable. would you feel the same way if she had said "there would be no terrorist attacks if there were no Catholics in London?" Or how about "there would be no terrorist attacks if there were no Irish in London?"

Or how about, "there would be no attacks on blacks and Jews if whites were not allowed to live in America."

She made a stupid, poorly timed comment and has a history of similar antics. No company wants' that type of publicity and legal liability from an employee. She, like many people of her age and (lack of) thinking believe that she can say whatever she wants in association with her company and the company can not and should not do anything.

Words have consequences as does being the southern end of a north bound skunk.

Anonymous said...

Her post is not entirely correct - but it is largely correct.
The bulk of recent terrorist activity in the UK has been perpetrated by Muslim people raised in the UK and radicalised in the UK.
If they had not lived there terror might still occur - but recent examples suggests it would be diminished because those local radical youth would be somewhere else.
Two related issues:
1. Why do these people grow up hating the country that reared them so much, and
2. Why is France the site of the most Islamic terror deaths when France has played so little role in recent Middle Eastern conflict?

Bird of Paradise said...

Must always find a link between snowflakes and liberals becuase their the one and the same

Anonymous said...


So you're an admitted liberal now?

After all, you act like a snowflake and have the education and grammatical skills of people who always claim victimhood.

Maybe your mom can bring you some Cheerios to eat in your highchair in her basement.

Anonymous said...

The Muslims hate France because they are still considered to be a colonial power. Wether they are responsible for atrocities against Muslims is irrelevant. Until France surrenders their colonies they will be a target and probably for a long time afterward. There will be no moderation of Islamic violence until there is a reformation of the religion and unfortunately there are too many religious and state leaders who want to cling to power that will do their utmost to prevent reform.