Friday, June 09, 2017

Marketing guru behind Protein World storm is accused of body shaming AGAIN as his new 'Think Small' posters are plastered on public transport

The man behind the controversial Protein World underground posters has sparked a fresh Twitter backlash with a new campaign urging women to 'think small'.

Two years ago, marketeer Richard Staveley found himself in the eye of a body shaming controversy after he launched Protein World’s, ‘Are You Beach Body Ready?’ tube campaign, which were eventually banned following a social media storm.

He has since left Protein World and is working with a new protein brand, V24 shots - and the posters are already causing a stir after just two days.

The ads for V24 protein shots feature an athletic-looking blonde woman and the words 'think small' - ostensibly a reference to the 60ml shots but some have claimed it 'insinuates that a body should be small'.

Within hours of the posters going up around London furious body commuters had taken to social media to complain.

Marketeers at V24 took the time to respond to many of the tweets over the weekend, insisting: 'Our product is small and creates big results.'

Former head of marketing at Protein World, Richard Staveley, partnered with creative director Warren Steyn and businessman Ciaran Greenwood to launch the V24 Shot campaign.



Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals don realy like to think too much becuase it gives them migrans

Anonymous said...

The fat and the ugly want to be considered attractive without making any effort at self-improvement.