Monday, June 26, 2017

An attempt at friendship that went wrong

I was just at a doctor appointment for a regular check up when the nurse asked “So, where are you from?”

“Here...” I said, forcing a smile. I didn't realize what she meant at first.

“Oh, that's great. But I meant your parents, honey.”

“Oh, right. My mom’s from Laos and my dad is from Fiji.”

“How interesting…” There was a long pause until she adds, “My sister in-law actually knows a few Laotion people!”

Seriously? What does that have to do with me or anything at all?

The phrase “I know some ____ people” has been said to me so many times in my life, but I was disappointed to hear it from an adult who I assumed would've known what's wrong with saying that to someone.



Anonymous said...

When I get asked where my last name comes from, I respond and explain the name and it's roots and otherwise accept the attempt to break the ice and find a topic for discussion instead of take offense that someone dared ask my origins.

What I see here in this story is a loss for the person complaining because regardless of how awkward the attempt was, it was not a reason for taking offense and clamming up.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I'm an adult who has no idea what is wrong with saying "I know some XXX people".
What exactly is wrong with that?
When I'm travelling overseas I have no problem with people saying "Oh, I know some Australians".
When my religion comes up I have no problem with people saying "Oh, I know some Mormons".
And when my ancestry comes up it doesn't bother me at all if people say "Oh, I know some Brit/Scot/Irish/Welsh/Channel Islanders".

Stan B said...

We have now gone to taking offense at an attempt to find common ground and perhaps common interests? A statement said to attempt to put someone at ease is now grounds for an entire article on the "horrors" of knowing someone from your ancestral home?

Good God what kind of hubris does this take?

Anonymous said...

"It's all about me" and the egotistical sensitivities of the "victim" of the attempt at a friendly conversation. The person ought to be flattered that someone even wants to make conversation!

Bird of Paradise said...

Food for though to those liberal pansies during their 70's vietnam era and their MAKE FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES poppycock just what will you do if they dont want to be your friend?