Friday, June 30, 2017

Northern Irish Protestants vilified

Their main political party (DUP) supports the Conservatives in the British parliament.  They are in fact the most conservative party in British politics

Ask “Who are the DUP?” and you’ll get an assortment of ill-founded insults: dinosaurs, thugs, homophobes, creationists, racists, Orange bigots, anti-women’s rights, climate-change deniers, and — as we say in Ireland — whatever you’re having yourself. Vicious criticism that would never be made of Muslims, who share many of these views, can safely be levelled at people who are white and Christian.



Anonymous said...

What else is to be expected. Islam is protected by the left. Why I don't know beyond the concept that that they aren't white conservatives. Identity politics is all the rage these days on social media and leftist mainstream media.

Bird of Paradise said...

Islam was not nor will ever be the Religion of Peace unless your a mindless little liberal with a walnut sized brain