Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Must not link illegals and criminality

Some clever-dick stuff from Leftists below.  They want statistics on illegals. But how do you get statistics on illegals?  They do their best NOT to be in any database

BY DEFAMING whole segments of the state population, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is pushing the political rhetoric in Massachusetts into dangerous, Trumpian territory. Immigration is a touchy subject, and pending legislation that would limit local police cooperation with federal immigration authorities deserves a full and frank debate. But voters need to insist that elected officials step back from divisive, even incendiary, posturing that tears at the fabric of the Commonwealth.

Hodgson, a longtime critic of illegal immigration, crossed the line of decency during a recent Beacon Hill hearing on the legislation, which he opposes. At the hearing, Hodgson blithely asserted that Massachusetts communities are exposed to “more crime by illegals being here,” an unsupported and untrue attack. State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz pushed back: “I’m wondering if you have any evidence to substantiate that claim? . . . What I’m looking for is statistical information and evidence rather than anecdotal.”

The sheriff was momentarily stumped — as if someone had challenged Joseph McCarthy to produce his list of communists. But he said he would get the data for the committee.

The sheriff’s office never followed up with the promised statistics. That is, until the Globe started asking questions about it last week. On Thursday, the sheriff’s public information officer e-mailed Chang-Diaz’s office with some cherry-picked numbers from the Center for Immigration Studies, a nonprofit research center that favors low immigration. None of the data Hodgson’s office provided supported his claim that crime is higher in Massachusetts communities where undocumented immigrants live.

One data point, the officer said, “shows that a disproportionate number of noncitizens are committing certain types of crimes, including drug trafficking, murder, fraud, kidnapping, etc.” But saying “noncitizens” is vastly different than “undocumented immigrants.” He then added: “Somewhere I have a similar table that shows how many of them are illegal, but I will have to search my nonfunctioning computer for that one at another time.”

Hodgson won reelection unopposed last year, and he has the right to his personal views. But Massachusetts deserves better than elected officials who use their office to distort and inflame.



Bill R. said...

If one is an illegal immigrant, he or she is already a criminal. How difficult is that to understand?

Anonymous said...

Bill R.,

That is using logic, the people who emote will never understand such a simple point.

Anonymous said...

If one is an illegal immigrant, he or she is already a criminal. How difficult is that to understand?

Pretty difficult actually.

A "crime" in the law is a violation in which there are criminal penalties. Criminal penalties include such things as incarceration, fines, etc.

For most cases (non-repeat offenders) simply being in the country illegally is not a crime - it is a civil offense. There is no jail time and if convicted, there are only judgements and orders to do something (ie get out of the country.)

It is a crime (with criminal penalties) to be arrested while entering the country illegally, but once here without permission, a valid visa, etc, it is a civil issue.

In my opinion, this really clouds the issue as most people think that when one breaks the law, they are a criminal. But that is not the case in the law itself. A good example is something like speeding where you have broken the law and while some will say you are a "criminal" for doing that, you aren't a criminal under the law. You're simply a person who committed a civil infraction.

There are going to be people who will say that illegal immigrants have not committed a crime for being in the country illegally. Technically, under the law, that is correct. But they have committed an illegal act and that act is continuing.

Bird of Paradise said...

Must always point out that liberals most common sound is WHINE,WHINE,WHINE

Anonymous said...


And here you are whining.

That must make you a liberal.

Anonymous said...

Even if 'illegal' immigrants are criminals just by virtue of their immigration status, that is not really the issue.
The sheriff said that Massachusetts communities are exposed to more crime by illegals being present. The nature of the complaint suggests that the problem is not that the communities suffer from the mere presence of illegals, but that illegals are committing crimes against others.
The Senator, quite reasonably IMHO, asked for evidence to substantiate that claim.
So far it appears the evidence has not been forthcoming.
Not really seeing the Tongue Tied issue here.

Stan B said...

Actually, the statement is completely supportable if even ONE illegal commits a crime. You can't say that "Gee, if that crime weren't committed by an illegal, it would have been committed by a local, or someone else." That's straight out of a Dilbert cartoon, which asserts that crime is a matter of statistics, and that if you remove certain elements of the criminal population from a community, others who are normally law abiding will "step up" to commit the crimes the absent criminals aren't committing.

Anonymous said...

Stan - I doubt that the sheriff intended to suggest that the community is only worse off by one crime, however that actually makes it even worse.
If the evidence was so easy to obtain, why has it still not been produced?

Anonymous said...

Massachusetts does not deserve better as long as they continue to elect Liberal idiots.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Isnt Massachuetts where the kenedy brats live like Patrick(Oppposing gun control is insaine)or Robert Kennedy Jr(Jail the Climate Crinimals)Yes indeed and i do beleive theres a place called CHAPAQUEDIC

Anonymous said...

Sockpuppet Spurwing writes:

Isnt Massachuetts where the kenedy brats....

No. The Kennedys live in the state of Massachusetts. I couldn't find "Massachuetts" on any map. Can you tell us all where it is?

After all, the "kenedys" may live there.

....(Oppposing gun control is insaine)

"Oppposing?" What the heck?

What is "insaine?" Is that a medical condition? A paint color? A cookie?

.....and i do beleive theres a place called CHAPAQUEDIC

You may "beleive" whatever you want (depending on what "beleive" means. Most people "believe," but who knows what you mean in your ramblings.)

Please show where "CHAPAQUEDIC" is. I've looked and can't find it anywhere.

You wouldn't be thinking of Chappaquiddick would you?

Nah. That can't be. After all, the name of the place is such an important part of your screed that you would make sure the place you wanted to use actually existed, right?

Maybe not.

Even for a far left liberal living in your mom's basement, you really are an embarrassment.

Spurwing Plover the Fight Shorebird said...

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Anonymous said...

Sockpuppet Spurwing,

Once again, in the face of facts and an argument which just wipes out your position, you resort to insults.

What a good little liberal you are.

Oh wait....I have a better comeback.

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