Friday, June 02, 2017

Russians don't get American racial sensitivities

PEOPLE in blackface wearing African clothing and carrying bananas marched in a government-backed weekend parade in Sochi, a city that will host one of Cameroon’s matches at football tournament the Confederations Cup.

A photograph on the city government’s official website showed two people in blackface at Saturday’s parade. One was wearing an afro-style wig and bananas on a string, while the other was wearing a Cameroon jersey and a headdress while holding a drum. The photo was later removed.

The people in the photograph are accompanied by others waving Cameroonian flags.

Lolade Adewuyi, a Nigerian journalist studying in Russia who witnessed the parade, told The Associated Press the people in blackface appeared as part of a section devoted to the June 17-July 2 Confederations Cup, a key test event for next year’s World Cup. Cameroon plays Germany in Sochi on June 25.

Adewuyi said the parade, which was led by Sochi’s mayor, also contained people wearing sombreros and fake moustaches to symbolise Mexico, another country which will play next month in the southern Russian city.

The costumes were the result of local Russians not understanding wider attitudes to race, rather than malice, Adewuyi suggested.   “They don’t understand that it’s an issue to have blackface and then have bananas along with it, you know? They don’t see it,” he said.



Bird of Paradise said...

The liberal snowflakes are whining again over what was started by blacks a slavery some of americas first slave ownerss were balacks themselves and many whiyes opposed slavery long before the Civil War

Anonymous said...

I am so over this bullshit. How about we look at cultural appropriation by countries that take offense? Why do they wear white peoples clothes? Why do they drive white peoples cars? Why do they live in white people style houses? In general why do they adopt the white people style of living and the bitch when a white person adopts a piece of their culture, not to ridicule but to celebrate?

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Hey i just read that some Snowflakes at LSU are upset over their tiger mascot some of these little pansies are whining about the LSU TIGER