Friday, June 09, 2017

Benetton is forced to apologise after using ‘girls not allowed’ to promote its children’s clothes

Benetton is well known for its eccentric advertising

Clothing brand United Colors of Benetton has been forced to apologise after its latest childrenswear campaign was labelled  as sexist.

The Italian label posted an image of three boys modelling pieces from the SS17 collection on Instagram, along with the caption: 'Sorry ladies. Girls not allowed!'

It prompted fierce criticism from parents and gender neutral campaigners who say it encourages gender stereotypes and excludes girls from wearing Benetton's clothes.

Following the online backlash, the brand was forced to apologise via a comment on its Instagram page, saying that they were 'very sorry' for 'unintentionally offending' their customers.

They insisted the post was meant to be 'playful' and apologised for 'striking the wrong chord' with their audience.



Bird of Paradise said...

How about NO LIBERALS ALLOWED that would leave out a lot of demacrats

Anonymous said...


The person who has no grammar or spelling skills advocates silencing others on a site devoted to free speech.

You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Liberal idiots do not want to admit that there are differences between girls and boys.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Anon 1:54 You mean like Gender Nuteral Latrines/Lavatories?

Stymphalian Bird the man eating bird witha brass beak and shoots his feathers said...

Liberal is just another word for Socialists

NaRong said...

How about NO LIBERALS ALLOWED that would leave out a lot of demacrats
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