Sunday, October 30, 2016

UK: Must not mention differences between the sexes

A mother has claimed that a supermarket cashier 'gender shamed' her three-year-old son when he picked up a 'girls' Frozen Kinder Surprise egg instead of a blue Marvel superheroes one.

Charlotte Houghton told her son Mason to chose a Kinder Surprise egg at the Sainsbury's checkout as a treat for doing well in his potty training.

But, when he picked a pink egg one with a Frozen character inside - rather than the blue Marvels egg - the cashier allegedly told him: 'You've got a girl's one.'

Outraged Ms Houghton said: 'I've heard of comments being made to parents before but this was the first time I've personally experienced gender shaming. 'I was really taken aback by it.'

The mother-of-two, from Hull, said she then explained to the woman that her son always picks the Frozen one and that he likes the figures.

She added: 'I'm sure she meant no harm by her comments but I can't understand this divide of boys and girls toys.

'Personally I think we should encourage our children to play with any toys that they want, as long as they're safe.

Ferrero, the Italian company which produces the Kinder eggs, said they were not meant to be gender specific.

A spokeswoman said: 'The Frozen Kinder Surprise egg is part of the Pink and Blue range, that offers different branded toy ranges in pink or blue coloured eggs.



Bird of Paradise said...

The difference between conservatives and liberals is conservatives are more rational and logical while liberals just whine about it

Anonymous said...

There are many people who are simply insensitive.