Thursday, October 13, 2016

Putting a finger under your nose imitates Adolf?

He could just be smelling something

Embarrassed Ikea bosses remove framed picture of a young boy 'imitating Adolf Hitler' which took pride of place in a mock bedroom

The black and white print was pictured on the wall of the store in Cardiff.

Ikea bosses quickly removed it after the error of judgement was pointed out.

The print was spotted in a bedroom showroom by Stevie Davies-Evans, who posted a picture of it on Twitter.

He tweeted to the furniture giant: 'Saw this in a "Bedroom" in your Cardiff store yesterday. Inappropriate much? #Hitler #Salute'

The 33-year-old father told Wales Online: 'It was quite a shock when I saw it. I caught it by fluke.

'It was one of four pictures in a row above a bed and it just caught my eye.

The print was one of four pictures on the wall of the mock bedroom, with the rest being more innocuous.

Bosses at the furniture store said the picture had been removed.

'We apologise for any offence the image may have caused.'



Anonymous said...

Guess all images of Churchill with a cigar are now suspect due to the antics of Billie Bob Clinton.
PC, an embarrassment to rational people everywhere.

ScienceABC123 said...

When we were kids we tried putting our finger under our nose to stop a sneeze. It didn't work, but we still tried it.

Bird of Paradise said...

I hear Hillary the Hag now says that chanting USA USA in Unamerican SHUT ATTILA the HEN

Anonymous said...

Charlie Chaplin had the mustache long before hitler the same as the swastika was the same as ancient Indian symbols. But the perpetually aggrieved are not going to stop being aggrieved for any cause no matter how slight.