Thursday, October 13, 2016

Changing the Canadian national anthem

The epidemic of political correctness has reached absurd proportions and people are getting sick of it. Take the absurdity of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals changing the wording of our cherished national anthem to a  gender-neutral version as an example.

In the absence of any pressing outcry from the general public for change to our anthem and much more pressing priorities such as the economy, high unemployment, rising deficits and national security the government would be hard pressed to explain the rationale of rushing this bill through.

Many of the advocates for changing the wording of our anthem bought into the false narrative that “in all thy sons command” was somehow discriminatory against women and therefore “sexist.”

This is nothing more than juvenile reasoning ignoring a certain poetic language of the past where “sons” included “daughters” and was in no way meant to discriminate. So now we are left with the lyrics “in all of us command” replacing “in all our son’s command”  and a sloppy, ungrammatical and embarrassing national anthem as a second-rate token of appeasement.

Tom Flanagan’s words are most appropriate. “Most of all, it’s a bad idea to start rewriting national anthems and other national symbols every generation in response to passing trends in public opinion.

Once you start, the atheists will want to get God out, and the pacifists will object to standing on guard, and aboriginal activists will want to know who owns this native land.”



Bird of Paradise said...

The same bunch of whining,sniveling little snowflakes will want to also replace americas nation antheme and replace it with some dumb song like AGE of AQAIUS or KAMBAYA becuase THE SPANGLED BANNER offends their little delicate ears

Anonymous said...

Australia had a similar change in its anthem awhile ago.
I remember singing Australia's sons, then Australians all.
Can't remember when it changed...

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Anon 7:33 In the land down under the liberal are ruining it all with their stupid constant whining