Tuesday, October 11, 2016

PC zealots are blasted for banishing biblical carving from library after 40 years - because the depiction of a baby being SPEARED might upset children

A striking work of art is at the centre of a ‘censorship’ row after it was removed from public display after 40 years amid claims that it distresses children.

The Crucifixion Of Mankind, by sculptor Connor Barrett, has adorned a wall in a library in Colchester, Essex, since the 1980s, but has now been put in storage.

The mahogany carving depicts the crucifixion of Christ alongside a Pan-like figure, and also includes a scene of a soldier spearing a baby, echoing the biblical massacre of the innocents by Herod.

Essex County Council said the powerful artwork, which was completed in 1961 and given to the library by the artist, had been taken down because of the ‘graphic depiction of a baby impaled on a sword which has distressed parents and children’.

But last night the council was accused of censorship, political correctness and an ‘ignorance of the nation’s Christian heritage’.

The town’s former Liberal Democrat MP, Sir Bob Russell, who now holds the honorary position of Colchester High Steward, said: ‘The excuse that some people do not like it is not a reason for its removal. This is censorship, which is bad enough anywhere but not in a public building.’

Canon David Banting, an Essex vicar and member of the Church of England’s General Synod, said: ‘What has been acceptable and understood for over a generation needs to be explained to a new generation.’

Bryan Whiteley, chairman of the Colchester Art Society, also questioned the decision, saying: ‘It does seem strange that after so many years, a piece of artwork that was a gift should be removed because it is considered offensive.

‘In typical fashion, the person who made the decision cannot be identified. What is certain is that a small, vociferous minority have got their way again because a council is unwilling to defend slightly contentious works of art instead of explaining the meaning behind the ideas expressed.’



Bird of Paradise said...

And meanwhile they allow kids to read books about gay lifestyles and going vegan

Anonymous said...

Those who do not learn and understand history are doomed to repeat it again and again.


Anonymous said...

"Those who do not learn and understand history are doomed to repeat it again and again."

Think about that when the Republicans put up another fascist wack-a-loon for President in 2020.

Anonymous said...

@9:49 Think about it when the most corrupt presidency runs for election again supported by the socialist/leftist media who waged a war against a conservative candidate yet again with every means possible. You are an leftist stooge.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals rely dont do that much thinking unless they havea remote in their hands watch the talking heads and beleive all what they say and parrot it to everybody else

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Anon 10:38! You spewed" ...waged a war against a conservative candidate..." Your love interest, Donald Trump, did that all by himself. HRC is sitting back laughing at Trump and all of the deplorables like you. If you looked deep inside yourself, you would find a evil dark mass where your heart should be.

I'd say, "have a nice day." But I would be lying. Good people do not lie.

Use the Name, Luke said...

The supreme irony of this decision is that those children were murdered as part of an attempt to maintain power and suppress the truth, just as the removal of this artwork is an attempt the suppress the truth of the past.

Stymphlian Bird tha mna eating Bird who shoots his feathers and has abrass beak said...

Liberals have murdred more kids Planned Parenthood has murdred more kids the nRA hasnt murdred anyones kids

Anonymous said...

6:09 AM Your bleeding heart is truly impressive. Apparently you feel that allowing the entire world to come to the US will solve problems of everyone on the planet. You are evidently a simpleton and confining my comment to that is being compassionate.

Anonymous said...

6:09 Hillary Clinton is the biggest lying POS yet visited on the American population. She can't tell the truth because no one would vote for her. If she wins the American population loses, big time. Richard Nixon was a boy scout compared to Hillary. Bill was just a sexual predator where as Hillary wants to screw the entire country. How much more selfish is that?

Anonymous said...

6:09 AM You must have blisters on your palms from your worship of HRC. Can't recall a bigger wanker.

Anonymous said...

Some right wing deplorable asshole should have said: "If she wins the American RIGHT WING EXTREMIST population loses, big time."

Anonymous said...

5:43 AM Being so enamored of the Hildabeast, perhaps you should get a head start on the lefty utopia you're expecting soon. I'm quite sure you can get a bargain basement fare to Venezuela. Just bring your own toilet paper; an amply suppy of food would also be a good idea. Enjoy.

crow, the bird that watches patterns, said...

Regardless of how people talk as if they have virtues of kindness, caring and goodwill, there are two ways to see what different kinds of people are really like.

1. Look at what results from them, that is what manifests from them.

2. Look at how those kinds of people behave when they are in a large group and where they have the power to be themselves.