Monday, October 31, 2016

Intolerant language found spray-painted under East Campus Bridge at Duke U

Almost certainly a Leftist provocation, as usual

A racial slur targeting black people and threats against homosexuals and Jewish people were discovered Sunday, spray-painted under the East Campus Bridge. Members of the Duke University Chapter of the NAACP and their advisor, Alec Greenwald, found the slurs upon arriving to the scene just before 1:00 p.m.

“When we arrived to begin painting for our event, we noticed the hate speech and chose that area to paint over,” wrote Duke NAACP President Guilbert Francois over email.

After the discovery, who had arrived at the tunnel with his children to support the Duke Chapter of the NAACP, Greenwald captured the slurs before the decision was made to paint over those areas and proceed with the event. Collaborating groups included the Asian Student Alliance and Mi Gente.

In an email, Greenwald explained the sight he and his children encountered: “As we were waiting for the other student groups to trickle in, my kids wanted to read some of the messages that were on the tunnel. As we walked through the tunnel, we arrived at 3 derogatory messages targeting various identity groups. After having a conversation with my kids about the messages, I suggested to the student groups that we focus on that portion of the wall to paint over.”

The Duke University Police Department was not notified before the slurs, targeting members of the black, queer and Jewish communities, were painted over. The identity of the offender remains unknown, as does their affiliation to the university.



Bird of Paradise said...

The NAACP is the real problem their nothing but a group of leftists radicals

Anonymous said...

Likely another typical "false flag" lefty stunt. Spray painted slurs, hangman's nooses, feces on walls, crosses burned into lawns' all examples of this type of propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Targeting Blacks, Queers and Jews? While this could be a false flag again, it may also be exactly what the leftists have been importing, a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is only allowed if it is politically correct.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Just another fake hate crime no doupt some more persons looking to get the media attention and for Jessie Jackson to bring along his own soap box