Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Australia: Job advert that explicitly asks for 'applicants of Aboriginal descent' sparks furious 'discrimination' backlash

The Left are obsessed with race and you can guess that they are pulling the strings here

Job advertisements which say only Indigenous people need apply have been labelled 'discrimination' by a talkback radio host.

Recruitment and labour hire company New Start Australia advertised a series of casual positions on the jobseeker website Indeed at the weekend.

'This is an Indigenous-identified position,' said the notices, which advertised casual positions in Carole Park, Queensland and Derrimut, Victoria. 

'Applicants must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent (sic) (pursuant to Section 14 (d) of the Anti-discrimination act'.

Radio 3AW Mornings host Neil Mitchell told his listeners he was torn over the advertisements.

'The initial reaction is that's fair enough, there's certainly an employment problem amongst Indigenous people.

'Then I think yeah but hang on, if I'm not Indigenous and I'm a storeman and I'm looking for a job and I see that I'd be very annoyed and put out by it.  'It's positive discrimination, if you like, but it is discrimination... I haven't seen it put quite so blatantly before'.

The report sparked a backlash on social media: 'Imagine if it was reversed!' said one listener.

'Reverse racism is such a nice thing. Bloody disgraceful,' said another. 'Very Racist against white Ausstraalians (sic),' a third added.

New Start Australia is Indigenous owned and says on its website it 'acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work'. It specialises in Indigenous labour hire, recruitment, policy management and consultation.

There have been discrimination exemptions for advertising jobs only for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders since about the 1980s.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Whine,whine,whine there gose the liberals again whine,whine,whine

Anonymous said...

Government sanctioned discrimination, no slippery slope here.


Anonymous said...

Where the hell has Neil Mitchell been hiding?
This sort of thing has been commonplace for ages and the working is pretty much exactly the same as it always is.
Yes, its a kick in the teeth for non-indigenous but I suppose we have to start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I think employers should be able to sack anyone for any reason, or even for no reason at all. And they would also be allowed to hire anyone they choose, for whatever reason they see fit. And to help prevent this being over exploited by employers who might use it to sack someone and hire someone else who says they will work cheaper, there should be reasonable minimal wage laws and an award protected by law. But for hiring and firing there should be no restrictions on. Let the best workers keep their jobs, and make it easy for employers to get rid of bad performers, trouble makers, and workplace psychopaths.

And if someone wants to hire either white whites, Chinamen or blackfellas then he should be able to.

The Muslims are doing it already and no one dare criticise them, because that is said to be racist - and besides, criticising Muslims might get your throat cut, and that is the real reason Australians don't criticise them.

I don't think much of people who deny their fear and pretend its virtue. That's cowardice. Lefties do that all the time. Whoever they are scared of most, they pretend they like.

I know a regional town taxi company that only hires Muslims. And I suspect its not the only one. Now one complains about that. And Aussie white male slaughtermen have been phased out.

Now most Australian Abattoirs only hire Muslim slaughtermen, and no Aussies are prepared to criticise that blatant discrimination, especially not Aussie abattoir workers because they risk having a Muslim slaughterman slaughter them on the killing floor like one of the animals.

I don't like this practice of abattoirs hiring Muslim slaughtermen to kill our animals and intimidate Australian meat workers. Its beyond discrimination, its intimidation. Aussie meat workers fear upsetting Muslim slaughtermen, even having too long eye contact with them.

This case has been mostly cleaned off the internet now. Even then it got little publicity.


Anonymous said...

You can't expect anything less from the leftist state governments nor a leftist Federal government since they are beholden to union thugs and racial minorities for electoral support since they shit on mainstream conservatives all the time.

Stymphalian Bird the bird that shoots his feather and has a brass beak said...

Liberals beleive that Big Goverment is the solution for the nations problems becuase liberals are idiots