Sunday, October 23, 2016

Students told term ‘be a man’ represents toxic masculinity

More feminist hatred

Gettysburg College freshman James Goodman began his first moments of higher education by being lectured by campus leaders about “toxic masculinity,” he tells The College Fix in an interview.

Students who “identify as male” were shown a docudrama film about masculinity. The film, titled “The Mask You Live In,” was part of the lessons warning students that the notion of masculinity comes with harmful side effects, he said.

According to the trailer of the film, it teaches that the “three most destructive words” a boy can hear growing up is “be a man.” Experts quoted therein also suggest that violent outbursts are prompted by masculinity pressures because “respect is linked to violence.”

“They really buy into a culture that doesn’t value what we feminize,” says scholar Dr. Niobe Way in the trailer, continuing that people of both genders will “go crazy” under that construct.

Psychiatrist Dr. James Gilligan added “whether it’s homicidal violence or suicidal violence, people resort to such desperate behavior only when they are feeling shame or humiliated, or feel they would be if they didn’t prove that they were real men.”

As he makes the comments, headlines reporting on suicides and murder-suicides flashed on screen.

Others headlines that peppered the trailer apparently link shooting massacres to masculinity; images included stories about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in which 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and six staff members, and the shooting in Aurora, Colo., in which James Holmes killed 12 people inside a movie theater.

“The entire movie and lesson made it seem like masculinity was an unacceptable human trait. That it’s something males should avoid. It was completely pointless. It did nothing to help anyone. I got absolutely nothing out of the experience, other than a headache,” Goodman said to The College Fix.



Anonymous said...

Political Correctness run amok once again !

Bird of Paradise said...

They want all boys to grow up to be ballet dancers and piano players or herb gardeners and learn to hug trees and ride around on big dumb red bicycles like Pee Wee Hermin

ScienceABC123 said...

Sounds like another boring lecture on social policies. I wish I could have been there. I would've stood up and said "This is all a load of crap! Be a man. Man up!" then I would've sat back down and watched the fireworks. What fun.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Time for the liberal social engineers to be banished from america along with the Useless Nations

Stymphalian Bird the man eating bird witha brass beak and shoots his feathers said...

Liberals are a bunch of socalists commie scumbags wanting to soften us up for the New World Order

Anonymous said...

The aim is to make sheep out of everyone and the left does this by trying to destroy anything that can be a rallying point such as masculinity, patriotism, the right to self defense, etc. When everyone is pacified the oligarchy will dictate what their slaves can do.


Anonymous said...

You people are FUNNY!

Darzee the Tailorbird said...

Listen to the liberal go WHINE,WHINE,WHINE, their just saying their not feeling FINE,FINE,FINE,hear them weep and hear them snivel,Were getting tired of all their drivel

Anonymous said...


You crack me up.

a beneficiary of Anzacs said...

Leftists hate freedom of thought, of expression, or passion, of pursuit, and the hate capitalism (the freedom to make money), and they hate western/Christo-Socratic culture, and they hate the most power creature on the planet, the white male.

Leftists are doing everything they can to reduce the white male to an inconsequential has-been. They attack him everywhere they can, attacking him through education, therapy, media, social pressure, and attacking him in his infancy, in his boyhood, in his teenage years, in his adult years.

Only when he is an irrelevant doddery old man of no influence do they leave him alone, but they still deride him, referring to him and his kind as old dinosaurs who the sooner are dead and gone the better.

And if white males don't wake up to what feminists/leftists are up to, and resist it and dismiss it for the nonsense that it is, then the white male may soon disappear from the planet. He is already disappearing in character, becoming a spineless non-thinking shadow of a his former self, nothing like the white male who carried the light of truth, freedom and civilisation through the centuries. He is now too timid to speak his mind and do his own thing least he upset his feminist-leftist overlords.

Its not too late though. He could yet recover himself.