Sunday, October 16, 2016

Deceptive poll results due to people being afraid to speak their minds?

This is something for all voters who have not made up their mind yet on who to vote for president. The left-leaning media does not even want to hint this is possible, but the fact is, previous presidential elections make it feasible. The Reagan landslide of 1980 over incumbent President Jimmy Carter and the 1948 victory of President Harry Truman, who defied virtually every national poll to win over Tom Dewey, the heavy favorite come to mind in the last 65-years.

Here’s the scenario beyond what the polls can accurately predict. Now let’s say a pollster calls you, and you are a Trump supporter. But you are also, say, deeply religious, or a very nice person who doesn’t want to be thought of as not nice, or, perhaps, a woman who doesn’t want to feel like she is betraying her gender.

You know that to speak up in many parts of the country means predictable liberal outrage and the left’s answer to silencing you; bigot, racist, extreme, intolerant, on and on. You have someone you don’t know on the other end of the line, who for all you know is recording the conversation, wants to know if you will vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

The media is has been bashing Trump to a pulp about womanizing, sexism, possible sexual harassment, etc. There is basically no equivalent for their “fair” reporting of Hillary and you are afraid to speak up.

How strong is the incentive to lie and say what you assume the pollster wants to hear? That is, to say what you think they want to hear, when in fact, you will vote for Donald Trump. Any Republican or conservative will tell you it’s tough to be different with the hysterical media and Hillary followers. You are uncaring, nasty, and possibly very stupid. These assumed attributes are doubled if you are a Republican and you support Donald Trump.

It makes it even harder to admit you will back the Republican Trump if you are an independent or a Democrat who just can’t stomach Hillary Clinton and think the country needs to change. You dodge such confrontations and merely stay silent.

It’s impossible to determine how many millions upon millions of likely voters will choose to make their decision in private, whether it be absentee ballot or at the polling booth. What will the “Trump bump” over the polls be on Election Day?

It would seem in this nasty election year, the polls would have to have a few extra points built in for Hillary Clinton based on the Trump shame factor. You want to be liked and you answer accordingly. You would never think to have a Trump placard on your front lawn, even though Hillary signs outnumber Trump signs 10-1.

Ask yourself this; How many men are going to hesitate before telling a female pollster they will vote for Trump? Maybe a Hispanic voice on the other end will silence your true opinion? Let’s be real.



Bird of Paradise said...

ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,TIME and other deceptive news agencies lying 24/7 and producing phonie polls as well

Owl said...

Yes BoP, polls are phony not because they are run by so-called liberal media but because they do not reach a huge voting block, those people without land lines. I get a constant bombardment of surveys and polls on my landline and get zero on my cell phone. All I get on my cell phone is offers for free trip to the Bahamas. Young people and singles tend to have only a cell phone. What's the point having two phones? The pollsters do not reach these people.

I think the pollsters will be in for a big surprise on the evening of November 8. I am really curious to see how wrong the polls will be.

Anonymous said...

The pollsters have deliberately skewed the poll results already to do their best to keep it looking good for Hillary. When the first polls came in with Trump almost catching Hillary the next poll they did suddenly assigned a group of responses they had previously marked as undecided as HIllary voters. Next they started oversampling Democrats in the polls to bolster her numbers even more.

Th pollsters shouldn't be surprised if Trump wins the election but those who believed them might be.

Anonymous said...

A number of news outlets are reporting that Hillary has the Electoral College wrapped around her finger and will gather all the votes she needs to take this election regardless of what the popular votes show. Sounds a lot like corruption to me, but what do I know. The Electoral College, like the United Nations, has outlived its usefulness.


Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The latests polls shows that only 32% of the people still trust the Main stream news media that's the lowest its ever been