Thursday, October 20, 2016

More Leftist hate speech

A BBC news presenter has been suspended for allegedly calling the Tory government 'the new Nazis' in an online social media rant.

BBC Look North's Danny Carpenter reportedly accused the government of being 'cynical, vicious, racist and xenophobic' in a Facebook rant and has now been suspended by the corporation as they carry out an investigation.

Mr Carpenter is also said to have called for the Brexit to be 'voted out' by Parliament because of a 'combination of dishonest fear-mongering and lies about the economy'.

He wrote earlier this month: 'Now let's see the Labour Party grow some proper balls and unite in the lobbies to vote out every cynical, vicious, racist and xenophobic piece of legislation these new Nazis propose.

'Let's start by demanding a commons debate on Brexit and voting out this utterly undemocratic and non-legally binding referendum result which was achieved by a combination of dishonest fear-mongering and lies about the economy.'

Tory MP Nigel Adams told The Sun: 'I was gobsmacked to read the BBC journalist comments.

'Neutrality is so important but when you read such anti-Tory rhetoric from a well known local reporter, it does nothing to heal the preconceptions about BBC bias that many in politics have.'

A BBC spokesman said: 'The impartiality of our journalism is of the utmost importance to us. We have clear social media guidelines for staff, which we take very seriously. 'We have spoken to the member of staff and we are continuing to investigate.'



Bird of Paradise said...

The nazis were liberals for sure they all favored bigger goverment

Anonymous said...

BBC hypocrisy, if they had been conservative comments he would have been fired immediately.


stinky said...

Damn, the mask slipped.

Unknown said...

Sounds like he's been taking lessons from the American mainstream media.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

As we all know by now the news media is pretty much all leftists propegandists anyway