Friday, November 15, 2013

Student hockey players caught on video singing sexist songs about miscarriage, making racist jokes and performing Nazi salutes on crowded public bus

Both university students and sporting clubs have a tradition of singing raucous songs with indelicate wording.  It's just normal  hijinks that has never been shown to do harm.   I sang "reworded" songs myself in my student days.

Doing it on a crowded bus was however inconsiderate and some retribution for that would be reasonable

A shocking video of university students singing sexist songs on a packed public bus has gone viral.

The mobile phone footage shows male members of the University of Stirling’s hockey club drinking beer and shouting derogatory sexual and racist chants while other passengers look on.

The students from the university in Scotland are filmed laughing at a joke about miscarriages and at one point even appeared to make mock Nazi salutes after a joke with a German-related punchline.

The video - filmed last Wednesday as students took the 63 bus from the university into Stirling town centre - has been viewed around 35,000 times on YouTube after being posted on Monday.

Women on board were clearly uncomfortable about the antics of the team - who were singing the traditional drinking song I Used to Work in Chicago - and one said: ‘This is quite scary.’

The students involved are now facing the prospect of disciplinary action from university bosses.

Sean Betteridge, a student who was also on the bus, told the university's student newspaper Brig that he was embarrassed by the behaviour of the hockey players.

He said: ‘I felt generally angry. There's little you can do when there's a big group of people chanting like that on a bus. Any kind of challenge just fuels it. I was happy when I noticed it being filmed though, if you're going to spout this offensive nonsense in public then you have to expect to be held accountable.



Anonymous said...

Why do people just sit there and take it?

in my day these aholes would be stuffed out the window, and we don't roll it down first!

Anonymous said...

no biggie, just words, move on.

Anonymous said...

Victim mentality, you either take charge of your life or cry about others “discriminating” against you.


Anonymous said...

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