Sunday, November 03, 2013

Banned, the Welsh cricket team whose members thought it was funny to wear polo shirts emblazoned with nicknames such as 'Casual Rape'

A university has banned its cricket team from playing after a squad member wore a shirt with his nickname, 'Casual Rape', printed on the back.

The cricketers at Aberystwyth University caused outrage by wearing pink polo tops with 'tasteless' names during a night out.

As a result, the club has been stripped of its funding and has been banned from representing the university in future tournaments.

The players had a range of names on their clothing but one, 'Casual Rape', was deemed to be unacceptable by the university's disciplinary panel.

Union activities officer Liv Prewett, said: 'Sexual harassment is not tolerated by Aberystwyth student union.

'All affiliated sports clubs and societies should understand the severity of this case and any further incidents of the kind will be dealt with in the same manner.

'I am deeply disappointed and have openly expressed my disgust.'

The disciplinary panel heard the cricketers thought the 'Casual Rape' shirt would be taken as a joke.

The hearing was told how one cricketer said: 'People joked about it so we thought they may be seeing the funny side of it.'

But the Student Union ruled the shirt was 'distasteful and completely unacceptable'.


One student with poor taste gets the whole team penalized?


Anonymous said...

'One student with poor taste gets the whole team penalized?'

Obviously the whole team accepted the poor taste of one of it's members and should be punished accordingly.

The other side of the coin is that scantily clad females should be charged with sexual harassment for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

prison rape is joked about all the time by hollywood in film and stand up