Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Golliwog furore again

Golliwogs ARE modelled on blacks but they are lovable cuddly toys.  One would think that blacks could do with a bit more of the lovable and cuddly image

Amazon has come under fire for selling a fancy dress costume of a golliwog. 

The online shopping giant has not removed the outfit from sale despite receiving a flood of complaints from furious customers.  Many commenters have denounced the costume as 'racist' because of its links with outdated stereotypes about black people.

The outfit is advertised as an 'Adult Golly Fancy Dress Costume' and is on sale for £39.99.

It is being listed on Amazon by Orion Costumes, an independent company which also sells 'sexy' outfits such as a schoolgirl costume.

The golly kit includes a mask and wig as well as striped trousers, a tailcoat and an oversized bow tie.

The official product description reads: 'Our amazing Golly Costume is a fantastic recreation of the popular rag doll character and is ideal if you are looking for a memorable outfit!'

A number of angry browsers have left one-star reviews on the Amazon website, calling for the outfit to be removed from sale.

Michelle Coke wrote: 'This should not be an item for sale and should be removed immediately. This is offensive and show lack of sensitivity on the part of Amazon.'



Anonymous said...

it amazes how few people have a real understanding of what freedom is!

Anonymous said...

You mean the freedom to denounce other people's freedom (which a lot of posters like to do on this site!)

Anonymous said...

I was just at a local market last weekend and saw some very cute Gollys and Jemimas on sale.
Didn't see any protests...
God bless Australia